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Nintendo to air Switch livestream at 11pm ET on January 12


Grab your smartphone and tell the personal assistant of choice to set a reminder for January 12th at 11pm ET (8pm PT for those on the ‘Best Coast’), because that’s when Nintendo will air its long-awaited Switch livestream.

Nintendo announced the timing of the event, known as the “Tokyo Webcast,” via Twitter today.


This is the livestream where the Japanese gaming giant will reveal the final release date and official price of its upcoming portable-home console hybrid.

If you’re curious about the timing of the event, 11pm ET is a much more reasonable 1pm in Tokyo.

The Switch recently made its first public appearance on CNBC’s Late Night. A giddy Jimmy Fallon got to play the upcoming Wii and Switch Zelda title, Breath of the Wild.

On the following day, Nintendo will host a hands-on event in New York for members of the American press.

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