Oculus splits into mobile and PC VR gaming divisions


  • Smanny

    PC VR is always going to be in the low numbers, compared to mobile. The price difference between mobile and PC versions is too high right now. That is why Microsoft recently announced cheaper VR headsets to work with their Holographics platform, and will arriving in 2017. They are looking at starting prices of around $300 for a VR headset.

    As it stands today there is already a number of mobile platforms. Gear VR with Oculus support, Google’s Cardboard, and now their updated version of Cardboard called Daydream. Not to mention there is other third party VR and MR platforms.

    I think the best method would be a VR headset that has two displays with built in headset tracking sensors, like an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as a few input buttons or track pad. Something like LG’s 360 VR headset. Something along those lines that plugs into any USB-C device with USB 3.1 transfer speeds. That is where LG’s 360 VR headset failed, well that and a lower resolution 920×720 display per eye. LG’s headset only supported USB 3.0 speed, instead of USB 3.1 speed. This has an advantage as well. Your phone can use a low resolution display, and the headset can have the much higher resolution display, which is clearly needed and warranted for VR.