Rogers offers up to $200 off a new iPad Air 2 along with 2GB of bonus data

Hot on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Rogers has dropped another deal before the holiday shopping season.

The offer is available for new and existing customers who are on a Share Everything plan. The deal allows you to get $200 CAD off a new iPad Mini 4 or and iPad Air 2. Both of the tablets are $0 down, but come with a monthly installment plan plus a data connect fee of $10.

Rogers iPad deal

The second part of the deal gives you a bonus of 2GB of shareable data for 12 months. Unlike other iPad deals the company has offered in the past, this data deal allows your phone to share in on the bonus and not just your tablet.

The company is also offering a bonus data offer on the LG G Pad. More information can be found on the Rogers website.


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