Some Google Pixels are locking up when users launch the camera app

Google Pixel

Don’t call it cameragate just yet, but it appears Pixel users in some countries are experiencing a peculiar issue related to the camera software included with Google’s latest smartphone.

In a post on the Google product forums dated to October 27th, an individual named Mike Fox complains of his Pixel’s camera app locking up, with unsightly purple and pink vertical lines appearing as a byproduct. Fox includes screenshots of the error, which can be seen below.


Since that initial post went live, the thread has been flooded with other users reporting that they’ve experienced the same issue. After a number of early attempts to troubleshoot the issue, representatives from Google have stopped responding to comments, causing understandable amounts of consternation from those experiencing the issue.

Based on the efforts of the community, it appears the problem may be limited to international Pixel and Pixel XL models and may have something to do with poor 4G connectivity. Moreover, third-party apps that leverage the camera aren’t exempt from the problem, and a number of users have also reported getting a replacement phone only to experience the same issue.


We’ve reached out to Google to inquire about the issue. We’ll update this article when we hear back from the company.

In the meantime, it should be noted this is not the first issue to crop up involving the Pixel. Shortly after the device shipped here in Canada, users started reporting LTE connective issues. Google addressed that issue in the Pixel’s latest OTA update, which is to say chances are Google is already working on fixing this issue.

If you’ve experienced this issue, please tell us in the comments section.

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