Google changes ‘Google Apps for Work’ to ‘G Suite,’ adds more machine intelligence features

Google has announced that its suite of ‘Google Apps for Work’ — which includes Gmail, Calendar and Drive — will now be known as ‘G Suite.’ It also concurrently changed the name of its overarching business service platform from ‘Google for Work’ to ‘Google Cloud.’

Both mark a distinct move away from the term ‘work’ to more general terms.

“Google Cloud products are for customers of all sizes,” says the company’s official blog post, “from the self-employed and startups all the way to the world’s largest enterprises, including Google itself.”

Along with the name change, Google has made a few improvements to its G Suite services through the addition of more features based of its machine intelligence research.

This includes making relevant files easier to find in Drive, a new team meeting scheduling tool in Calendar, dynamic layout suggestions in Presentations and a feature that uses machine intelligence to recommend related topics and images to insert in Google Docs.

To celebrate the improvements in a distinctly Google manner, the company also commissioned some doodles to celebrate.


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