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Twitter Canada creates engineering department to better serve local content

Rory Capern, managing director of Twitter Canada, recently stated in an interview that there is “tremendous growth potential” for the social platform in Canada, which has already been noted as one of the company’s top ten markets.

Apart from bringing on new talent, such as Jennifer Hollett and Laura Pearce, Twitter rolled out new features for its 300 million users, namely the ability to watch live professional sports within your feed.

Twitter has already established itself as a great resource to understand what’s happening at a global or national level, but it seems now the company is making a push for local awareness.

Twitter Canada is part of an infrastructure investment that will see a new engineering department created in its Canadian HQ in Toronto. The goal for the team is to have a deeper understanding of where Twitter users are located, so their experience with content is localized.

In addition, because local content provides the company sensitive information, specifically location and time, Twitter will also enable tools safeguard the privacy of your location.

Leading this effort is software engineer Kyle Galloway, who is currently based in New York but will be moving to Toronto.

“Adding Kyle and a geo-engineering team to our Toronto office is another big investment that Twitter is making in Canada as a market. In recent months, we’ve been spending more time within the local tech community, having conversations with talent at all levels and hosting events at our office. With Kyle coming aboard and more engineering talent joining us soon, our roots in the Canadian tech community will become even deeper,” said Capern in a statement to MobileSyrup.

However, always lingering in the background are concerns over safety. Twitter is rumoured to be planning a tool to filter out harassment through keywords. This would essentially remove tweets that contain a specific set of keywords and allow users to block swear words, racial slurs, and go beyond just blocking account owners.

Twitter now has 50 employees in Canada and the engineering team is currently hiring Data Scientist and a  Software Engineer.

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