Cyanogen to shift to app development, could lay off 20 percent of staff


A little over a year ago, Cyanogen, the developers of Cyanogen OS, revealed lofty plans to compete in the global smartphone operating system market with the likes of Apple and Google, despite OnePlus still being the only major hardware partner to utilize the operating system.

New reports, however, indicate Cyanogen could be preparing to layoff a significant number of members on its team. Cyanogen currently only employs 136 workers, and as many as 30 of that number could lose their jobs shortly.

This move will leave many OnePlus One device owners wondering about the state of potential future updates to Cyanogen OS. It’s possible we will see major strategy shift at Cyanogen regarding how apps are bundled and what hardware the company is able to support.

[source]Android Police[/source]

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