New court documents reveal ‘stingray’ surveillance devices have been used by RCMP since 2005, could impede 9-1-1 calls


  • robinottawa

    “…The RCMP does not make it clear whether bystander information is then destroyed.”
    I’m so sick of this attitude of authority to say to heck with anyone, we’ll do whatever we can until they catch us. That attitude is directly contradictory to being “on our side” in law enforcement.
    Police, if you really want my trust, demand approval and oversight for your actions. I’ll be your loudest champion.

    • Scott

      My biggest problem isn’t that they used a stingray device. I think it’s a valid police tool when used correctly. It’s that they didn’t acknowledge they were using it, scooped up non-investigated individuals data, are storing the data for an unknown length of time, in an unknown manner with no visible thought to it’s safety and security.

      If you are questioned for a crime there are limitations about how long blood tests, DNA tests, etc can be kept around before published destruction procedures are followed. It appears that this electronic data doesn’t follow the same process as physical data. But in my mind it should be treated the same way.

    • MoYeung

      “we’ll do whatever we can until they catch us. That attitude is directly contradictory to being “on our side” in law enforcement.”

      The sentiment seems to be, when I AM GIVEN POWER, i can abuse it with impunity, I am answerable to no one because I have got the POWER, You don’t, and I can get away with it because “we, those with power” corrupt and collude to protect each other.

  • Peter

    What is going on in Canada now, do we not value our privacy anymore?

    • hardy83

      Did the government ever value citizen privacy?

      I’m guessing no, and just that only recently did the technology allow them to show that.

  • Will Maitner

    The police do not deserve our trust or respect. They resort to photo radar and ghost cars for traffic enforcement. They use illegal IMSI catchers that could cause the death of someone if they can’t reach 911. And the police are all stressed out because citizens have decided to turn the cameras on them. Poor babies. Deal with it.

    • Scott

      Don’t confuse the police with RCMP in this instance. At least in Ontario and the rest of eastern Canada the RCMP roles are more restrictive in terms of general policing as these provinces have their own Provincial Police departments.

      And there are many people, myself included, that welcome photo radar, red light camera, etc. In my mind they allow the police to do other things and I don’t care if people see them as a “tax grab” because I just see them as a “stupid tax” on people that can’t follow the law.

  • Justin

    I would only use Signal as my messaging app now. Everything else is compromised.

  • MoYeung

    Canada’s Radio Communications Act states interfering with or obstructing the public airwaves can result in a one-year jail term.

    But 3 minutes is OK? I don’t see THAT written down anywhere.

    That case of people don’t respect or obey their own laws?

    • MoYeung

      “They believed the three-minute policy mentioned above protected them against the radio law.”

      I think someone believes they are above the law.

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