SyrupCast 59: Mobile World Congress and Apple’s Privacy Push

This week we speak about the upcoming mobile event of the year, Mobile World Congress, and what’s expected to be announced from Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony. In addition, we talk about how Apple and other tech companies are fighting back against the FBI’s request for back door access to the iPhone and what it possibly means for Canada.

Hosts: Ian Hardy, Igor Bonifacic, Patrick O’Rourke
Duration: 42 min

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  • Techguru86

    Apple needs something affordable to bring to market especially with such fierce competition in ASIA and Android software becoming much more reliable and devices becoming much better for much cheaper prices

    • It’s Me

      Its amazing how many years people have said exactly this about Apple. The advice is always they need something cheap. They seem to have done ok ignoring that exact advice for the last 15 years or more. Who knows, maybe it’s the right advice this time.

  • danakin

    A Cory Joseph intro and the promise of another roundtable, colour me happy.

    Quickly into mobile discussion re: MWC and what the roundtable crew are looking forward to seeing. I like this quick-off-the line acceleration into relevant mobile industry news. The LG discussion was excellent – intelligent and insightful without having to rely on gimmicky silliness or hype-checks. A post Doug Soltys breath of fresh air.

    Good point made that Samsumg = Android to the masses, and that for many (if not most) the in-store choice is a binary decsion of Apple or Samsung. Nice transition to the upcoming S7 release and a group-sourced analysis of the prospective device’s pros and cons. The team did a fine job of remaining on the topics that are going to be relevant next week. No Sony rumours (no surprise), no need to spend time on discussion. HTC got a minor mention and will no doubt be the focus of a future podcast when more time will be warranted. VR got some discusion time and, here too, the crew did well to give it the deserved amount of attention.

    Up next was Apple vs. the FBI. The question was asked “What does this mean and why is it important?” This led to an informative discussion on encryption and back-door access. The weakest link in this discusion was in cohesively linking all of the potential pain points and interests (privacy, counter-terrorism, homeland security, freedom vs. security, precedent setting, etc.). Not terrible but not as illustrative as I would have hoped. The bottom line is there exists a real fear that you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Focusing on this crossing of the Rubicon would have been a true fulcrum for the team to discuss. A missed opportunity.

    The Telus/Apple Canada discussion didn’t offer much more than a recap of the particulars.

    The Device upgrade discussion is timely. I’d like to have heard the crew devote more time discussing how mid-range devices, including previous years’ flagships, are now typically more than capable of handling most users’s day to day needs. Price will be a key differentiator in years to come – especially as telco subsidies continue eroding.

    Looking foward to the MWC reporting and the next podcast; this formula shows promise.

    This week’s show gets a 7.9 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score.

  • specialk2000

    Where is syrupcast 58??