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Google’s search cards will soon be able to teach you Yoga poses

Google Yoga Cards

Over the past couple of months, Google has done a lot of work to improve the usefulness of the cards its search engine displays to users when searching for specific topics. We’ve seen the Mountain View-based company add more detailed artist and TV cards, and just last week Google started testing out a new set of weather cards that show even more detailed temperature and climate information than what’s currently available through Google Now and Google proper.

It doesn’t look like Google intends to stop there either. On one of its Google+ pages, the company just revealed a new set of cards designed to help users learn their first few yoga poses. Each card takes a person through how to enter and exit a particular pose with helpful animated GIFs.

The cards obviously aren’t a replacement for a trained teacher, but they’re still better than nothing. The cards don’t appear to be live in Canada yet, but sit tight as they’ll likely launch soon.

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