Google Maps will help you get around even more with Driving Mode


  • Tony

    I usually keep Waze open for police alerts even if I don’t have a destination plotted. It would be nice if this new Google Maps functionality was baked into Waze as well.

  • Stuntman06

    I always use Waze for traffic and to find the best routes through traffic on my regular commute. Waze will also allow you to share your drive and send notifications to people when you are near your destination. This feature is quite useful when I’m picking up my wife.

  • fruvous

    When are they just going to merge Waze and maps?

    • Stuntman06

      If it means taking away Waze features that I like, I don’t want them to merge.

  • kuox

    Can “Driving Mode” PLEASE automatically read my texts aloud when they are received? One feature that is sorely lacking in vanilla android