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Adobe Post offers up basic graphic design tools for free

Adobe has shifted course in the last few years, moving from releasing expensive, professional applications that cost hundreds of dollars, to free apps and a reasonably priced subscription desktop suite. The move has been very popular with creative workers and hobbyists who want to keep up with the latest technology without all the up-front costs.

The newest of these free mobile apps is Adobe Post, and it’s probably the most broadly accessible Adobe application to date. The app is simple but very powerful, and it’s designed to help users quickly and easily create graphics, primarily for sharing on social media. Of course, to get you started, there are a number of quick templates to choose from, so selecting a photo, adding some text, and sharing, is an easy process.

However, the best parts of the app are the straightforward ways you can customize and edit photos, text, and the colour palate of your graphics. You can use ‘Design Filters’ to quickly change between templates for a fresh look and every part of the app is designed to be as seamless and flexible as possible.

If you’re used to spending 10-15 minutes crafting graphics on Adobe Illustrator, this could significantly speed up your workflow. Since it’s a 1.0 product, design experts will probably still yearn for more specific tweaking options, but it’s a great start. You can also check out the built-in Inspiration Wall to see what others have been working on, and to prod your own imagination.

Adobe Post is currently available for free on iOS.


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