Google’s new ‘RankBrain’ AI wants to really get to know you

Google's Mountain View Office

It’s tempting to think at this point in human history Google’s search engine has just about seen and answered every question under the sun. After all, it’s such a ubiquitous feature of modern life. However, it turns out about 15 percent of the queries Google handles each day are completely new to it.

To help with these queries, Google has turned to a new artificial intelligence called RankBrain. According to Bloomberg, the AI is already working through a ‘very large fraction’ of the millions of searches that are inputed into Google each day. Its main purpose is to make sense of ambiguous queries like “What’s the title of the consumer at the highest level of a food chain?”

Google has already seen the AI produce results. The company’s search engine algorithm apparently uses hundreds of different markers to help it surface the results it thinks users will find most useful. In the short time the company has been using RankBrain to study search queries, the markers the artificial intelligence produces have risen to the third most important


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