Rumoured new Chromecast will feature revamped companion app


Citing the same documents the site used to break its initial Chromecast story, 9t05Google says a new and improved companion app is set to release alongside Google’s refreshed streaming device.

The new app’s most notable feature is a section called “What’s On.” This part of the app provides a summary of all the different content currently available through any apps a user may have installed on their Chromecast. Another of its sections highlights additional apps that can be download from the Play Store.

The entire experience is tied together by a refreshed user interface that takes advantage of tabs to facilitate quick navigation. For what it’s worth, something of the look and feel of the app can be made out from the exceptionally blurry image 9to5Google published within its article.

Chromecast App

Apparently this is an image of the revamped Chromecast’s new companion app. Image credit: 9to5Google

The publication broke the news that Google is preparing a new Chromecast earlier this week. The main takeaway from the report is that the new device will ditch the streaming stick form factor of the current Chromecast.

Besides a new form factor, the refreshed Chromecast is also expected to include an improved processor, a WiFi module that supports the 802.11ac wireless standard and a feature called “Fast Play” that reduces the time to takes to buffer content.

Google is expected to announce the device on September 29, the same day it’s reportedly ready to unveil two new Nexus devices.


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