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Angry Birds 2 tops 20 million downloads within a week

Rovio announced today that in its first week of availability Angry Birds 2, the follow-up to the “biggest mobile game of all time,” has been downloaded over 20 million times.

Rovio’s Creative Director Patrick Liu said, “When we were developing and testing Angry Birds 2, we had good reason to believe we were on to a good thing, but the enormous groundswell of enthusiasm for the game from loyal fans and casual newcomers alike has been humbling. It took the first Angry Birds game more than 9 months to reach this many players, and we thank all our fans for growing the flock so quickly!”


Angry Birds 2 is available on Android and iOS. Taking a look at Google Play shows downloads on Android range between 5 million to 10 million, which means that the iOS version of the game accounts for most of the downloads.

[source] Rovio [/source]

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