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Google Play Family section allows content filtering by age and interests

There is all kinds of great content for children on the Internet, but sometimes you don’t want to spend time searching for entertainment the whole family can enjoy. There are also times when you would like to know that you can hand a tablet or a phone to your child, and know that they will be looking through age-appropriate content for something to enjoy.

Launching today as a new section on the Google Play Store, Google Play Family aims to make it simple and fun to find content geared towards families, and specifically children. You will be able to navigate different age and interests areas for both apps as well as content like books and video like TV and movies. There are also top charts and recommendations sections geared specifically to help families find content they can all enjoy.

One of the more novel features of this set of filters is the ability to narrow your search to a specific character or set of characters, so you’ll be able to search the whole Play Store for Spongebob or Dora the Explorer. The goal of these new controls is to give parents helpful information about the target age range of different apps and entertainment, and also enables granular parental controls to limit downloading, streaming and access to mature content. This new family experience will be making its way to users in the next couple of weeks, and features several exclusive partnerships with well-known content owners.

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