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Michael Serbinis-led LEAGUE launches in Canada


After several months of buildup and a months-long beta period in Toronto, LEAGUE, the personal health care startup founded by former Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis, is launching in Canada.

The app, styled as kind of Uber for healthcare services, allows users to find and connect with medical professionals in their local area. Once a person finds a professional they would like to connect with, they can use the app to chat securely with them. LEAGUE can also track biometric data, as well as a host of other information, which can shared with the health practitioner in question to help with diagnosis and treatment suggestions.


Many of the treatments currently offered on League focus on the preventive side of things. For instance, it’s possible to book a personal trainer, acupuncturist or nutritionist using the service.

Like other apps of this type, LEAGUE also makes it easy to pay for a service using a credit card.

“Our goal is to fundamentally change how people think about health,” said Michael Serbinis, the CEO and founder of League, in a statement issued to BetaKit. “We envision a future where health will be highly personalized and ‘always-on’, focused on prevention — helping you live well every day. Our mission is to empower people to act everyday, by connecting with the health professionals, services, and care that is right for them.”

The company says that the app will become available in the United States this summer, and that an international launch is planned for later in the year. Additionally, LEAGUE says that it’s currently in the process of exploring how partnerships with insurers, employers, institutions will look like within the app. Lastly, an API for third-party developers is set to be launched soon.

LEAGUE is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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