Google to reportedly issue two-year update promise for Nexus devices

Nexus 5

Google is set to announce a change to its Nexus software update policy in the near future, according to a report from Android Police.

The company’s current promise is that a Nexus device will receive 18 months worth of software updates.

The new policy will see Google guarantee to provide Nexus devices with major system updates for two years, and security updates for three years after the release of an operating system. Google will also promise to update a device bought from the Google Store for 18 months after the date of purchase.

Older Nexus devices will be grandfathered in to this program. This means that certain devices like the Nexus 4 won’t receive Android M, but will continue to get security updates well in to 2016.

It’s not clear when Google will announce this change in policy. According to Android Police, the announcement could come as early as this week, or prior to Android M’s commercial release later in the year.

What is clear is that with features like fingerprint authentication and more granular app privacy settings reportedly set to be announced this week, Android M is shaping up to be a memorable release.

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