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Swype Keyboard update brings new predictive powers

Custom keyboards are getting a lot of attention these days, performing tasks like filling in commonly used phrases, song lyrics, or GIFs. But some of the best of them simply aim to be very good at figuring out what you’re trying to say when you mash away at your touchscreen.

Swype Keyboard is one of the oldest and most robust predictive swipe keyboards available, and the May 12 update to version 1.9 adds even more power to its typing predictions. Specifically, the keyboard will be able to reduce the number of times you need to switch between the main and alternate keyboards to type numbers and symbols. Some of the specific use cases involve filling in dollar signs in front of possible number combinations like sqyp (for $160), and knowing that when you write rjep, you probably want 4:30.

Another great new feature the update brings is multi-word predictions, so typing “you” might bring up the suggestion “and I” (if that’s a phrase you use a lot). The update also fixes some bugs and crashes (as usual) and includes support for Chinese Cloud Prediction.

You can get the trial and full versions of Swype on the Google Play Store.

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