BBM for Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 updated with ability to chat with non BBM contacts

BlackBerry has updated BBM for Android and BlackBerry 10 with the ability for users to chat with contacts from their address book, not just other BBM contacts. This allows BlackBerry to potentially grow BBM’s user base and gain additional traction in the heated messaging space.

BlackBerry has basically dropped the invitation process for BBM, but users will still need to match an email address with a contact from their address book to start a chat. Since security is a key pillar for BlackBerry, the company promises that any personal information, such as avatars and status updates, will not visible to those users until they’re added as contacts.

BlackBerry has also bundled together timed pictures, timed messages and retracted messages into a new BBM subscription model.

Update: BBM has been updated for iPhone users and brings the ability to chat with non BBM contacts.


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