Wrist-on with Huawei Watch, Android Wear’s best-looking timepiece

Huawei Watch

At Mobile World Congress, attendees are sure of only two things: you’ll sleep poorly; and you’ll be surprised by at least one product.


After watching the cringe-inducingly bad promo videos for the Huawei Watch, I was extremely surprised this morning when, clasping it to my wrist, I inadvertently smiled and decided then and there I had to have one.

Well-designed and extremely comfortable, the screen was the biggest differentiator for me: a 400 x 400 pixel OLED panel that bears almost no resemblance to the similarly-shaped circle of the Moto 360.

It’s a bit big, and that Huawei chose to make it in a single 40mm size may turn off those with smaller wrists, but the company’s marketing appears to be targeting men looking to replace their traditional Swiss watches.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 01.57.14

Made with substantial and long-lasting materials like metal and leather, the Huawei Watch feels like what a smartwatch should feel like: a watch. That statement doesn’t make up for the ridiculously clumsy sentence seen in the promo, but after wearing it I get the gist.


The problem with current smartwatches is that the screens aren’t sharp enough yet to perceive them as real-world objects: to our eyes, we’re still looking at an analog or digital projection conveyed in watch face format. But on the Huawei Watch, with a 286ppi, that line starts to blur. Delightfully.


Look for the Huawei Watch to arrive in Canada in the second quarter, likely closer to the summer than spring.