Towit helps Torontonians report parking violations from their phone


  • Wilbour

    We could use this in Ottawa. It’s not the occasion violators but the habitual. Common sense prevails as I have been stung twice parking in front of my home during wide spread flooding of our homes

  • Jason van de Laar

    This is a great idea, I have only driven in Toronto a handful of times but I can appreciate how this will help solve some traffic issues. hope to see more apps like this in the future!

  • Avgvstvs


    • gorfed

      Perhaps people shouldn’t park illegally (inconveniencing others) and then blame others for the consequences of their actions.

    • Victor_Creed

      Perhaps people should mind their own business? Do you get kickbacks fROM someone being towed? NO? Just want to ruin someone’s day?

    • gorfed

      The people who illegally park and inconvenience others, creating congestion, who get in the way of commuters, emergency vehicles, etc are ruining thousands of peoples days.

    • Jim__R

      I pay an annual fee to be able to park on my street (Vancouver). So, yeah, I get a bit pissed when I get home and there are no spots available because inconsiderate jerks ignored the prominent parking info signs and parked where they shouldn’t.

    • Andrew English

      Remember Victor_Creed it’s a privilege to drive in this country and not your god given right, so you MUST treat it as such every time you get behind the wheel of car…following the traffic laws. If you can’t do that, then don’t drive!!

    • Andrew English

      Remember Avgvstvs it’s a privilege to drive in this country and not your god given right so you MUST treat it as such every time you get behind the wheel of car…following the traffic laws. If you can’t do that, then don’t drive!!

  • KiwiBri

    nice idea.. making cops job easier eh? how about cops doing something about all the dash cam footage I have of Toronto Dbag drivers on the 401???
    But seriously, not sure how this will help – by the time the photo is taken and submitted and someone looks at it and deploys out.. whats that 10-15mins? Offender is probably gone…

    • gorfed

      It’s much faster and more accurate than the current process it takes for a civilian to report a vehicle.

      As we work with various municipalities, we hope to streamline internal processes between various involved parties as well.

      The current process in Toronto is as follows:

      – Witness of a vehicle being illegally parked.
      – Think about who needs to be contacted… The city, the police, a towing company?
      – Trial and error.
      – Google search and search result – OR – possible number given on the phone from the contacted entity.
      – Tap number in search result – OR – copy down/remember/manually type number into phone.
      – Call number.
      – Wait for an open line.
      – Submit report to bylaw operator.
      – Dispatch bylaw officer.
      – Bylaw officer arrives and confirms vehicle is parked illegally.
      – Bylaw officer calls tow dispatch.
      – Tow truck is dispatched.
      – Tow truck arrives at vehicle to find the officer is not longer present.
      – Tow operator calls officer dispatch and requests the officer to return.
      – Dispatch contacts bylaw officer.
      – Bylaw officer returns to the vehicle.
      – Tow operator and bylaw officer meet and assess.
      – Tow tag is issued.
      – Car is towed.

      The above process can take up to 40 minutes. We aim to bring it down to 5.

      Our app, at minimum, will remove those first 9 steps.

    • Jim__R

      For Vancouver, I have to call the general phone number and wait for an open line. I then request ‘parking enforcement’ and am transferred where I again have to wait for an open line.

      Talk about effing inefficient.

      I used to be able to call parking enforcement directly, but that turned out to be an unpublished number and they started to get testy about me calling directly.

    • gorfed

      You may use the app as it exists now to report in Vancouver, as well as anywhere else around the world.

      That said, in each city’s launch phase your report should be considered a wish. A wish that may come true with time.

      Users must document the extent of the problem in their area through the app. Once there is enough supporting data, TowIt will talk to the appropriate municipalities and authorities in attempt to streamline.

    • Andrew English

      I have been toying with the idea of setting up some kind of video blog for my dash cam footage of lazy and irresponsible drivers in the GTA, I have over 3 years of footage, lots of people doing really stupid things, my footage has the date/time/gps stamped on the video and you can see the license plates too. I am sure it would draw the police and the insurance companies to keep tabs on their clients…

  • R3t51W

    a new breed of vengence?

    • Guest

      Or darwinism.

  • gorfed

    Sharing is being discussed for future iterations of the app. We agree, it will only further deter the behaviour.