Hands-on with the first smartphone powered by Intel’s 64-bit Atom (video)

Lenovo’s P90 smartphone won’t be coming to Canada. We rocked up to the Lenovo booth at CES and were told outright, these phones will only be sold in Asia. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most interesting phones at CES, because it’s got that all-too-familiar “Intel inside” stamp on the back.

Intel technology, even its smaller Atom chips that are tailor made for portable devices, don’t often show up in smartphones. There are a few Intel-powered phones out there, but they’re not common. The Lenovo P90 is unique in that it’s the first smartphone powered by Intel’s 64-bit Atom chip.

The Z3560 is part of Intel’s Moorefield family and manufactured on the 22nm process. It’s got four cores and is clocked to 1.8 GHz. The phone itself is a slim but solid 8.5mm and weighs in at 156g. It’s also got a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 13MP camera on the back with OIS and an LED flash. The front-facing camera packs a 5MP sensor. The battery is a beefy 4000mAh and the P90 is based on Android 4.4. No word on when this device is getting Lollipop.

From our brief time with the P90, we came away pretty impressed. It’s comfortable to hold, though one-handed use is a bit of a stretch. That beautiful red you see on the back feels like a brushed aluminum and doesn’t attract fingerprints (unlike another beautiful red phone we saw at CES). Though it won’t come to North America, we know that the price point is about $370, which is awesome when you consider the specs.

Lenovo just this week announced plans to bring the Moto X and Moto G to China, so while this phone may never come to Canada or the U.S., it’s possible we’ll see more cross pollination of Lenovo’s two smartphone brands and their respective markets as time goes on.

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