Samsung announces Galaxy S5 Active for Canadian audiences, available on Bell, TELUS and Rogers for $279.95


  • silver_arrow

    Yes Samsung makes a phone for everyone but these rugged devices are, well here in Canada, they are all really old. So for those who need a good rugged device this is awesome for them.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Hardware buttons!!!

    • Mktcrasher

      I concur, I might get this phone for that reason.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hey MobileSyrup.
    I wonder if the Samsung sport is making a Canadian apprance to?

    • silver_arrow

      The Active is almost identical to the Sport other than the Active being a tad bit heavier.

  • bigshynepo

    See how that’s done Apple? Buyout price: $699.95
    This phone outspecs the iPhone6 in almost every way and it’s cheaper…
    I’m not a Samsung fan but I definitely don’t want to see flagship prices rising to $800+ dollars and that is exactly what Apple is trying to encourage to increase it’s profits.

    • scott_s

      I think from the 4 million people that pre-ordered the new 6 and 6+ Apple won’t be dropping their prices anytime soon. Apple is slowly losing market share but it won’t effect their earnings for a few more years to come since the smartphone market is still expanding so quickly.

      We need more devices like the Nexus or OnePlusOne that offer excellent hardware at an affordable price and a non bloated or vanilla version of Android that doesn’t slow the phone down.

      The average non-techy person (the 4 million that pre-ordered the iPhone) don’t know or care about specs. They want a phone that runs well. This is where phones like the Nexus fit well because of the non bloated software. Also as Android evolves it becomes more stable, which helps bring in those average consumers.

      In my circle what used to be 90% iPhone users is now 50%. With the increased price of the 16gb (which is the size most have) they won’t buy another they’ll move to an Android phone.

    • bigshynepo

      I agree with you on all points, I just hope other manufacturers don’t see Apple’s success at the $900+ tier and follow suit.

    • scott_s

      I don’t think they will, granted that’s just one man’s opinion. If Samsung suddenly bumped up the prices of their flag ship devices sales would plummet. If I found out the Note 4 was $1000+ (which considering the hardware it packs it would be if it held the Apple logo) I would look elsewhere.

    • Adam

      Considering that 90%+ of people who buy phones, buy subsidized phones, the outright purchase price means nothing. Jacking the Galaxy S6 up to $800 or $900 will have little to no effect on sales.

    • scott_s

      You think 90% of people would be willing to pay $300-$400 for a subsidized S5?

      I’ll add that that would be a regular S5 not the S5 Active. S5 sales weren’t great as it was, an increase in the cost would only pass down to consumers.

    • marorun1982

      Agreed fully.

      Its sad but truth.

      Thing is every android i used was super stable fast and smooth in the UI ect..

      Its Samcrap who bloat its phone way too much..
      LG starting to get bad too.. ( was perfect with LG optimus G )
      HTC since the new HTC one M7 has a very streamlined and very good UI with minimal bloatware ( in fact i like it more than stock lol )

      Same for Alcatel ( new player in Canada ) who offer a non bloated version of android. The Alcatel OneTouch idolX+ is amazing.. 350$ full hd 5 inch screen ( ips very good color ect ) octocore 2 gigz soc ( performance depending on benchmark range from Qualcomm 600 to 801 ) but real life performance are flawless.

      I agree we need more OEM with lower price to show those who sell too high how its done and also to help destroy Apple market share faster 😀

    • Pigs Can Fly

      I dunno, why would I want to buy a Samsung for $800 with the bloated laggy Touchcrap UI when I can buy a Nexus or Moto for $350 with barebones OS that runs beautifully and updates fast?

      The world is a backwards place these days.

  • kroms

    Stay AWAY from these Phones that come Locked too Carriers.

    In the end down the line you will end up either bricking your phone trying to unlock it or in the case of like the Samsung S3 you will end up paying $15-30 bucks to get it unlocked.

    Just buy a GOOGLE NEXUS and enjoy the Freedom.With NO Bloat Ware and no need to UNLOCK !


    • Mktcrasher

      Yes, I like the line of thinking but only if I can get the option of external SD card. I do not like the 16GB with no expandable storage, doesn’t work for me.

    • marorun1982

      Or if you dont want to pay a phone full price get one on contract and pay the unlock fee..

      I dont like Nexus device the battery dont hold the day..

    • Adam

      $30 is not much to unlock a phone. if you brick your phone trying to unlock it you’re an i***t. You’re either tinkering with the OS, in which case it’s really your own fault, or you’ve done something so very wrong you don’t deserve to have a phone. Unlocking is not illegal, nor does it void your warranty. You get a code, and you punch it in. it couldn’t be simpler.

    • southerndinner

      Anyone that uses caps can be trusted

    • Mo Dabbas

      I don’t know how you manage to brick phones while unlocking them. I unlock tons of phones every month and I never bricked a single phone.

      I personally don’t like nexus devices. The software is fast and all, but they always have some shortcomings to lower the price (camera and battery are quick examples).

  • theycallmeWat?

    Would have thought the water rating would be higher given that the regular S5 is also rated for up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. Shock resistance is nice though.

  • marorun1982

    Dont drop it too hard..

    The new S5 amoled screen tend to die with no reason when its get a hit and its the Amoled nature of the screen thats make it weaker to shock.

    But at least its be stronger than the S5 🙂

  • Iz3man

    Holy crap, I was expecting s4 ish specs in a s5 wrapper… Kinda like this, being in a welding shop and all.

  • RS

    it’s about time the active specs matched the flagship device’s. Unfortunately, with 16GB, 11 gets used up by the OS and carrier. That leaves 5gb for additional apps and photos. If you’re in construction, you take alot of photos.
    So unless they have a good data plan with lots of drive space, it missed the mark slightly.

    • Mo Dabbas

      SD card can solve this problem. and you can put photos on it.

    • RS

      yes, but unfortunately this device has no expandable memory.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Oh wow. I wasn’t aware of that. What a bummer. 16Gb definitely not enough.

    • Stephen Edwards

      The S5 active has an sd slot up to 128gb the the s5 alpha does not have an sd lot.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Interesting device. I first thought samsung is gonna put lower specs like they did with the S4 Active last year.

  • Dangstar

    No review for this phone?

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