The Moto Family in photos

We’re not going to mince words here: the year-old Moto family is growing, and we thought it would be fun to compare all five of Motorola’s latest smartphones in terms of size.

A few things to note: the new Moto G is not only bigger than the original Moto X, but its screen may actually be nicer. It’s also interesting how the Moto E’s design informed that of the new Moto X and G considering those ultrawide grills take away from the minimalism espoused by Motorola last year.


Two takeaways here: the original Moto X is still my favourite smartphone size; its easily used in one hand, eminently pocketable and extremely well-made despite its successor’s metal frame.

And the new Moto G is a marvel in both quality and performance; this thing flies despite its mid-range specs, and will likely be even more popular than the original.

motofamily-3740 motofamily-3744

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