Android users now have two hours to refund paid apps or games

Google has updated its Google Play support pages to state that Android users now have a full two hours to refund paid applications. This allowance exists so that if an app isn’t what you anticipated, or you’re not enjoying a game and regret spending money on something you’ll never play, you can easily reverse the purchase.

Previously, users only had 15 minutes to trigger the refund. Interestingly, the app purchase confirmation pop up on the web version of the Google Play Store still references the 15-minute window (when you click through to the refund policy, it does state two hours, though).

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.40.52 PM

Android Central reports Google has been using the two-hour window for a while and today’s change to the support pages just serves an official notice. To refund a recently purchased application, open the Play Store on your phone, and click ‘My Apps.’ Scroll down to the app in question, click on it, and then hit the ‘refund’ button.

[source]Google, Android Central[/source]

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