Instagram explains its Hyperlapse tech

Hyperlapse by Instagram

Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app for iOS allows users to capture time lapse videos that are instantly stabilized, and we must say the app works quite well. Instagram’s engineers have published a blog post explaining the technology required to keep the video so stable, and how the company leveraged its Cinema algorithm, which is used for Instagram’s video capturing.

“The video below shows how the Cinema algorithm changes the frames to counteract camera shake. The region inside the white outline is the visible area in the output video. Notice that the edges of the warped frames never cross the white outline. That’s because our stabilization algorithm computes the smoothest camera motion possible while also ensuring that a frame is never changed such that regions outside the frame become visible in the final video. Notice also that this means that we need to crop or zoom in in order to have a buffer around the visible area. This buffer allows us to move the frame to counteract handshake without introducing empty regions into the output video.”

You can read the whole post, and watch some great reference video featuring Toronto’s waterfront, at the source link below.


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