Spotify rolling out Canadian invites as launch nears


  • Zee

    I got squat

    • Jayce

      It’s extremely easy to get the service in Canada already. Just download the installer using a browser plugin such as MediaHint. Once you install there is no more region locking.

    • RD

      That’s only good if you want to listen on your computer. You still wouldn’t be able to listen to it on your smartphone until it’s officially released in Canada.

    • Jayce

      Actually the mobile app is even easier to get working than the PC if you use Android. The Spotify mobile site has no region locking whatsoever.

    • Christopher Walken

      you’re mistaken. I’ve had Spotify in Canada for a couple years and have no problem listening on my Telus iPhone 4 when outside on 3G

    • Kurtiz

      How did you manage that? VPN?

    • Christopher Walken

      no, I just installed the app and logged in with my Facebook account. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it though.

    • Digital_Troll


  • Vostok

    The pricing IS displayed when you go to the “premium 30-day trial” page. It says $9.99 CAD + taxes / month.

  • Salinger

    I got an invite. I’m going to try it out but I’m more than pleased with Google Play Music All Access thus far. Especially given I pay the charter price of $7.99/month (no tax). But, I’m always open to giving a new option a try.

    • Skippypaccino

      Same here… I had music unlimited for a little while (I jumped when they had that insane ps+ deal, I think it was 25$ or 15$ for 15 months) and when I started paying 10$ a month for it, I wasn’t as pleased and couldn’t look passed the buggy app and unreliable service. For 10$ a month it should’ve been flawless.

      I then jumped on that free promo for Google play all access and after the month I was more than satisfied and was more than willing to pay 8$ a month for it… The app works great (I don’t like the last update that made the widget all white, makes it look cheap but still works great none the less) the music streams fast and easy (probably since Google have lots of servers compared to Sony)

      I’m not sure how great Spotify is, but I’m not willing to pay more than 8$ a month now. I checked online and found a couple of articles comparing all the services and there isn’t much difference between all of them. (some have more songs, some have better quality audio and all play by almost the same rules) the best part about Google play all access is that it let’s you have up to 10 devices (only one can stream at a time) you might not be able to stream all at once, but at least they can all play the songs that were downloaded in off line mode. Works great for my wife and I since we can share one 8$ account….

      Sorry for my rant… Lol

    • sero.evo

      The free Spotify is pretty decent though. In trying to compare, the free version of Google Music is… well, nothing.

    • Skippypaccino

      For sure the free version sounds decent… One other thing I love about Google all access is chromcast support.

    • sero.evo

      Chromecast though is something that’s either irrelevant or the best thing ever. If you already have a smart TV, PC connected to a TV, or another smart device like a media player or blu ray, it’s hard to even justify the low $40 cost of a Chromecast.

      Especially since screen mirroring is only available on such a short list of phones.

    • Skippypaccino

      Chromcast is excellent even if you do have a smart TV or smart Blu-ray player (I have both and prefer using chromcast) chromcast just makes everything better… I use it for Netflix, Google music, YouTube, casting tabs from my pc or casting videos from multiple websites that have chromcast support directly from my phone.

      Mirrorcasting is definitely on the short list right now but, I’m sure after L update it will be on all phones (I have a nexus 4 and I’m planning on buying the next nexus when it comes out to not miss out on cool Google features)

      Like you said, its not for everyone, but it’s definitely something someone should consider if they have the same watching habits as mine.

    • KiwiBri

      I didnt realise screen mirroring was limited. My old HTC One(M7) did it and so does my new LG G3


      I believe Spotify has promotion for students in USA for 4.99$ a month, dunno if they will carry same promotion to Canada.

    • barrist

      Yeah I’m still pissed I missed the 7.99 promo price for google music.

    • Skippypaccino

      I forced my parents to get it, bought them a Google play gift card and set it up for them a few days before the promo expired and they love it. They use it all the time now.

      Just keep an eye on it and maybe they will have an other promotion (probably around Christmas time)

  • Mischa Price

    I recived my invite but sadly had to make a new account I couldn’t apply it to my old account and switch the country to canada

  • JB

    Spotify wont see a dime of my money until they man up and make 4 apps for the 4 major OS’s. Lazy Lazy developer.

    Get off your a*s Spotify.

    • sero.evo

      You use 4 phones? Why would you care?

      It’s available on PC/Mac, Android, iPhone.

    • barrist

      He thinks BBOS is a major OS.

    • Frederick Edwards

      On Windows, WP8, Android, iOS, OSX and Amazon. What else is missing?

    • sero.evo

      They’re using WP8, Android and iOS simultaneously? If so, that sucks but they’re so far in the minority as to never be relevant.

      According to an April 2014 post on this site, in Canada, Android is at 44% market share, iOS at 37%, Blackberry at 15%, WP at 2%.

      As for Amazon, Spotify has been available on it in the US since 2012 so if it’s not yet in Canada, you’d think it will be eventually.

      According to a Forbes article in 2013, iPads account for 80-85% of tablet web traffic. The Kindle Fire? 5-7%. It’s safe to say that the Amazon OS is not a major OS relative to the others.


    I got the invite, and all I can say is Spotify is awesome!

    • KiwiBri

      Why is it better than the rest of them?

    • sero.evo

      I hadn’t tried either previously, but with Spotify, by simply creating a login I can play whatever I want, for free.

      What you get for paying the $10/mo with Spotify, is ad free, better quality (not that I have an issue with the free quality) and the ability to download mp3s for any track. With the free version, you just have to be online to stream, and get ads.

      Google Music doesn’t seem to offer that. First I have to choose between “all access” and “standard.” Standard seems to just incorporate your existing music (if that).

      Spotify is like a mix of Songza and iTunes.

    • KiwiBri

      Ah, thanks. I signed up and tested it on the way home on Android App. Actually the quality was very good. I was quite impressed. I like the “Radio” feature.


      Because it has ON DEMAND, curated playlists, you can save the music you like, you can offline cache music, you can download music, you can listen to radio, you can skip songs you don’t like, UI is very clean and library is huge. It has a built in equalizer for God sake! You can also download the desktop app. I am discovering new songs every day that I like.

    • KiwiBri

      thanks for the reply. I am trying it now now

  • davesousa

    I got an invite but I cant change my region to Canada therefore cant sign up for the trial.

  • sero.evo

    For those wondering what Spotify is about, it seems to be free access to pretty much any track you’d want. Like Songza, you can choose playlists based on mood, but also based on top songs for a given genre or area, or just manually find what you want. All free.

    The catch is that this is a “lesser” quality relative to the premium version, there are ads (though so far, all ads are for Spotify premium, or info about various features), and you must be connected to the internet to stream.

    The premium features ($9.99/mo) seem to simply be that there are no ads, higher quality audio, the ability to listen on multiple devices simultaneously (as opposed to one device at a time) and the ability to download any song as an mp3 for offline listening.

    (If there are any other differences, I can’t find them, and they aren’t listed by Spotify. If you go to upgrade, these are the only differences listed.)

    • barrist

      I believe you still cannot stream on multiple devices at the same time even with premium. it pauses one if you try to start streaming on another.

    • sero.evo

      If that’s the case I stand corrected. It just said “stream to all your devices,” so I assumed that meant multiple, but I guess it just meant unlimited devices. With the free version, I guess it’s limited to 3 or something?

  • Frederick Edwards

    I got it. I prefer the Spotify Windows App to the Chrome-based Google Play All Access subscription, plus Spotify is on more platforms, so I guess I’ll be switching.

  • Digital_Troll

    Spot If Y…Spotif Y….S Pot Ify… spot? Spotify your music? What is Spotification of a thing? What does it all mean? The name is boggling my MIND!!!!

  • jmk1ng

    Can anyone compare this to Rdio? I’ve compared Google Play Music with Rdio and came away preferring Rdio. The Radio feature on Rdio is far superior to Google Play Music. Any Rdio fans get Spotify invites? I’d be interested in a comparison.

  • Lucas

    Does anyone know how close this will be to the american version? Like, will there be the same songs and features?

  • Julia

    I got an invite, it also comes with one more for your friend.

  • Kendra

    Thanks for the article Douglas. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.