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EA releases Titanfall companion app just in time for the long weekend

Titanfall companion app for Android

The Victoria Day long weekend has arrived, which for gamers means glorious extended sessions of violence and mayhem while parked on your keister. Unfortunately, it can also mean certain… familial obligations that can lower your potential kill-count. Thankfully, EA has released a companion app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone to its ridiculously enjoyable Xbox One first person shooter, Titanfall, for gamers forced to spend time outside this weekend at a barbecue or some other social gathering.

The companion app provides players with an overview of their entire in-game career, including total kills and favourite weapons, as well as “rich intel” about the Titanfall universe and its characters – a great way to stay ‘in the game’ when you’re not ‘in the game’. The app also touts a rich second-screen experience while actually playing Titanfall, providing real-time interactive mini-maps and scoreboards.

Each version of the Titanfall companion app are available at the source links below.

[source]App Store / Play Store / Windows Phone Store[/source]

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