Google acquires maker of Word Lens, plans to integrate its technology into Google Translate


  • naviz

    Just tried it…amazing app!

  • nekkidtruth

    This is awesome!

  • JTon

    This is the type of functionality that will make wearables like Glass great

    • Andy

      It is available for Glass if you check the Word Lens site.

  • oz

    So, innovative! Its almost like Bing translate did AR language translation well over a year ago, and for free, but maybe one day MS will close that app and functionality gap to Google.

  • MikeOxlong

    This could be a great aquazition if Google integrates it well. The app itself is great.

  • Eduardo

    Haven’t tried it but from the video and press images, it looks like a great technology with awful literal translations… “Lo traduce el texto” really? “Y lo va el otro direccion”? “…es detenido a seguridad zona”? “Not smoke!”?
    I’m sure translations will get better under Google’s wing.

  • d a

    Well, can’t argue with free but the app isn’t exactly perfect. In a pinch it can be handy. Hopefully google improves it.