OnePlus One aiming for a general availability sometime ‘Early June’


  • Dimitri

    To be honest, i still would go for the Note 3.

    • Yasz

      note 3 lol. samsung garbage

    • Dimitri

      Funny how you keep putting down every company. You must either hate the world or can’t afford a phone. Either way no point of having you around here to post useless and garbage posts spamming around.

    • Martin Chan

      I can’t see myself going wrong with 350ish dollars. Even if it lasts for half of the lifetime, of a standard phone, I would still be slightly better off than getting a Note.

    • It’s Me

      Samsung thanks you for your lucrative loyalty.

    • Dimitri

      Its not even for Samsung but nice try.

    • It’s Me

      You bought a non-Samsung note?

    • Dimitri

      Maybe if u can read u would understand. Its not because of the name Samsung. The Note 3 has and had features that no phone had. 4K recording, USB 3.0, S-Pen, huge battery which lasts more then 12-14 hrs of heavy usage ( i mean most if the settings turned on full), huge 5’7 inch 1080p screen. Its not about the name on the phone people go for.

    • It’s Me

      Really, you wrote all that? I’ve sure I would have read it, if only you had actually written it. What I responded to was you writing “To be honest, i still would go for the Note 3.”

      Funny, nothing about 4k, s-pen (what a joke), pentile or anything else. Just note 3.


      Samsung thanks you, not just for your continuing and lucrative loyalty but for your eager and enthusiastic evangelism.

    • TrainAss

      USB 3.0, sure if you’re going to transfer large files. While 4K is nice, what’s wrong with 1080p? You’re recording video with your phone, not making a hollywood movie. S-Pen, sure when you use it but we’ve been getting on fine without them for ages. And the huge battery, well, driving that screen will suck a lot of juice, so it’s to be expected. And why not put a large battery in to a phablet.

    • holy moly batman

      Wow, that’s sad.

    • Dimitri

      Not really sad at all. I like to have a removable battery, SD card slot. Yeah the price of this may be low. But remember, to each their own. Don’t like if i rather have a note 3? Don’t care 🙂

    • Mo Dabbas

      Well, the note 3 is a sweet phone indeed. But frankly, this (If it delivers what it promises) would be without a doubt the best bang for the buck. Still, I understand you use your phone to write notes and all. I have a note 10.1 and I used it quite often to write notes for my business and so. I frankly didn’t use that note taking capabilities when using the note 2 due to the screen size (I know it’s a big phone but it’s not big enough for note taking compared to a 10 inch tablet).

      In the end, to each his own. If we all had the same opinions we would have been more like robots rather than humans. I personally am getting a note 3 soon and I am looking forward to check it out.

    • Noah Roesler

      I gotta agree. Want the most powerful phone right now? Get the Note 3.

  • TomsDisqusted

    I like the idea of a CM based phone, and this one sounds pretty good, but the ‘phone smashing’ promotion was stupid. If you don’t want your current phone then sell it or give it away.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. OR you can keep your older device as a back up just incase this phone breaks. It seems they want you to smash your phone to pay $1 to get a new one. Only someone with a low IQ will go do this. Spending money on a phone & then smash it into pieces & its dangerous as if you hit the battery, it will blow up. I do not think the thought of that at all.. Devices with non removable batteries will do this as well.

    • Anon-e-mouse

      I have an idea , but I guess this may be rocket science for some: take out the battery before you smash it with a hammer. They’ll never know the difference. Obviously don’t smash a phone with a non removable battery. Just buy an already non functional phone off craigslist for $5-$10 that has a removable battery and smash that. It’s a win-win and you can keep your current phone. How will they know the difference? You have to be chosen/gauranteed by them to get the $1 phone first before you smash your own.

    • HeyYoWL

      It has to be on a list of approved phones. Meaning you can’t take any old Nokia dumbphone from 1990.

    • Anon-e-mouse

      Really? Well that’s a shame. You can still find nonfunctional /water damaged Galaxy S4’s etc. for relatively cheap on Craigslist/Kijiji that you can use. But I guess that it’s non-practical since you need the phone in the first place.

    • Josiah McMillan

      hmm… list of phones with removable battery in the last 2 years, all Samsung

    • Nexzen

      It creates Loyalty and buzz around its slogan. “Never Settle” its only 100 ppl that will be selected but the message behind it n exposure as a new company with a new phone will be greater than you realize.

  • Adam Hua

    Correction: Only once you have been emailed/chosen (they’ll be choosing 100 people), to be a part of the “Smash the Past” contest do you smash your phone, you do not get a guaranteed invite just because you smash your “current” smartphone (they have a list of smartphones that are eligible for the contest). It was a bit misleading in the article.

    • Thomas

      Just go steal a fake demo device from a store and film your self smashing it.

    • It’s Me

      Needs to be filmed operational.

  • ShawnMerrikin

    I will hopefully get an invite to buy one but if not I am excited for late June. No hope in hell will I smash my Nexus 5 before I have another phone in hand. I wouldn’t smash it regardless as I can hand it down to the kids.

  • OgtheDim

    Just sell the darn thing to people…the gimmick of the smash thing only worked for about 4 hours of the internet discussion cycle.

    And…the invite thing? That is sooooo last decade thinking marketing wise. Costs you about as much to run the invite thing as it does to build a proper database collection system.

    Create a database and keep track of people. Build up users and word of mouth. Exclusivity is not your friend when trying to sell a phone in a world where the shelf life “wow factor” of a new product is about 6 weeks.

    • holy moly batman

      I Call it douchism. These hipster goofballs won’t last, fairly certain.

  • pauly shore

    does it have 1700mhz frequency aws to work with wind?

    • Andrw

      Yes it does. I do not have link to show you, but yes it does.
      Anyhow, If the Nexus line does decide to go away, I will gladly purchase a OpO or the next OpO should the brand continue to stay. Another alternative would be the OPPO flagship, seeing how I just purchased the newly Oppo Find 7a and the thing is a beautiful beast.

    • sharkhark

      I strongly dislike the marketing attempt at creating buzz thru senseless smashing…
      But I do still consider this phone a fantastic deal. I love my galaxy s2 but with contract ending and no incentive to change my plan to a higher one to get a new expensive note 3 or other high end… The one plus one with ability to add roms… For this non rooted inexperienced guy is fantastic.
      I look forward to getting one hopefully in Couple months.
      Price is lower than expected too.
      Roughly $400 Canadian for the larger 64
      Gb model.

  • Mo Dabbas

    For $350 for a 64GB and all this top of the line hardware, I am very tempted to give it a shot. It’s nice to see such movement to drop phone prices. Initial hands on seem promising. Hopefully there are no corners cut making this bad boy.

  • holy moly batman

    Anyone else get the feeling that this company is just a tad bit douchey?