Bell matches Rogers and Telus with a $5 increase on most Voice & Data Plus Share plans, adds 4GB shared data option


  • 4beaches

    OMG!!! …and I don’t mean this in a good way

  • radapple

    They increased their prices to match!? Competition my butt.

    • grantdude

      They ARE competing. To see who can gouge the most.

    • PT

      I’m surpised to see Robellus only increase just $5. there are no-competition
      might as well rought it up to $20. so what? Canadians are so used to Being Screwed Over. Thanks to our beloved tax payers money.. CRTC.

    • arahman21

      A $5 increase is easier to stomach. A sudden $20 hike would be problemaic, but $5 every three months is not.

    • TheTon

      And the CRTC claims they don’t regulate fees because there is competition, LOL.

  • AW Sudo

    oligopoly collusion at its finest! Bring on foreign competition… only if they were offered incentives to setup shop in Canada

    • hardy83

      Foreign competition won’t fix this. We need a better telecom act and laws to stop this crap.

      It was the government and CRTC following the horrible rules in place that allowed vertical integration to happen as well as this monopoly.
      The Cons have been completely useless at fixing this industry.
      And no, I don’t JUST blame the cons. ALL parties are to blame since this start with the writing of the telecom act way back by the Liberals.

    • ScooterinAB

      A better telecom act might not fix it either. What we need is less consumer greed and more accountability. Sorry to say it, but it’s true.

      It looks like the core plans (1GB) didn’t change in price. 1GB is honestly more than enough for probably 90+% of Canadians, providing that you reserve large downloads for Wi-Fi and don’t stream everything all the time. If people even had the slightest reservations about wireless data use, you wouldn’t hear a single complaint about data or pricing.

    • hardy83

      “1GB is honestly more than enough for probably 90+% of Canadians”

      People and businesses keep saying this but eventually it’ll stop being true, and most likely wouldn’t be true by now if it wasn’t programmed into our Canadian culture to worry about caps.

      I’m sure back in the day earning $7/hour was more than enough for most people, however in todays age, $15/hour is barely enough to even have a comfortable life.

      There is no such thing as consumer greed. Just consumer demands.

    • ScooterinAB

      No. It’s greed and laziness. Nothing more.

      I’ve worked and sold for every reasonably relevant carrier in Canada. When looking customers’ data traffic, I see 400-600 MB far more often than I do anything over 1 GB.

      I do agree that data usage habits will change over time, and that there will be a time when customers use more than 1GB is daily life. But we aren’t there yet. Just like how 10-15 years ago, a $7 hourly wage was a reasonable starting wage, a few hundred MB is a reasonable measure for smartphone use. I’m sure that will be unreasonable in 15 years, so maybe we can pick up this argument in 2029 and see where we stand.

      And based on what I’ve seen, with customer data and studies, 1 GB is closer to your $15 per hour than $7.

    • Edward

      price increase is price increase. this have nothing to do with how many data I need to use, I want to use or I actually use.
      I’m paying for my usage allowance. If I use less than my allowance and chose a lager data plan, carriers should be happy.

      Tell me how this is greed.

    • ScooterinAB

      Except that the most commonly used plans did not go up in price. So no price increase is no price increase.

    • Joe

      Any foreign company can come into Canada now. No profit in it as Robellus drops prices at the first sign of competitions and waits it out. Once the competitors fold they consolidate and up prices again (see Mobilicity and Wind). Verizon (part of the big 2 – USA mobile telecoms) took a look and passed. No foreign cellular company will set foot in Canada and risk their shareholder money. The only way we will get real federal competition is from a national government telecom similar to Sasktel or TBaytel.

    • Guest

      foreign competition will go, “Hey they can don’t let us join them!”

  • DL1119

    so that’s what triple penetration looks like.

    • Charly

      With no lubricant too!!! WHAT A BUNCH of THIEVES ROBELUS !!!!

  • ChrisMcL

    I’m glad the Harper Government is looking out for us and making sure we have more choices, lower prices and better services. OOPS!

    • TomsDisqusted

      When they blocked the sale of Allstream to the Egyptians, they guaranteed that they wouldn’t give Wind any money for the spectrum auction, and put an end to the prospect of competition.

    • Sweet

      That whole wireless-choice campaign was really little more than a disguised 2015 re-election campaign.

    • ChrisMcL

      I don’t really think it was disguised. Just more Con propaganda. Canada’s Economic Advertising Plan…..

    • Sean

      Bell tablet step plan guys. 15 gig 105. I usually come in under 2gb, $45. You get this plan with a tiny Mifi2 portable LTE router. Fits in your pocket. Connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop… over wifi. Any of these running free voip, like Fongo or Skype… and you have telephony. No smartphone plan. Huge browsing, streaming… own your phone don’t rent it.

      Heck – the portable router even has an SD card slot so you can load it with shows, movies, whatever, and access it from all connected devices.

      $45-105 max for 2-15 gigs, ALL devices? Wake up folks.

  • K Diddle

    Crimony… my retention plan is now 50% less than a equivalent ‘new’ plan.

  • Max Fireman

    The evil empires converge. Why are we going backwards? Shouldn’t data be getting cheaper? So in 5 years, 1gb is gonna cost $100 a month.

    • crocop24

      Yes, and you will pay it.

    • Mk

      Wind mobile is the way to go, I pay $130.00 month for 4 phones all unlimited.
      I have no problems with the service.

  • Rich

    *Whine whine whine* continues to pay bill with the big 3.
    They do it because they’re calling your bluff on whether you’ll jump ship or not.

    • Jv

      I’m happy with My plan. I get more value then the cost of my Plan. 🙂 Happy Camper here. 😛 Looks like you New customers are screwed though…. Good luck 🙂 lol

    • Tech Guru

      Yeah never letting go of my 50$ corp deal, ever

    • vn33

      Totally agree… I’ve been buying my own phone, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future

    • Super_Deluxe

      Well just because you complain doesn’t mean you pay those ridiculous prices. I pay $55 for my 5GB plan with Rogers which is clearly more than double that now. Just because I’m not paying that much YET doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. And unfortunately cheaper deals like with Wind aren’t available across Canada like where I live, in Winnipeg. And it is kind of scary seeing prices like this go up and wondering how much worse it’ll be in a couple of years. It gets out of line at a certain point and this where your government is needed and expect them to do something about it not just sit there and watch as they gouge the eff out of us. I know it’s business but when there isn’t better choices available in every province, it isn’t fair.

  • Jv

    I get 250 min a month evening and weekends starting at 6 pm and ending at 8 am as well as the regular voice mail, caller id, unlimited Text, Video text, and Picture texts as well as 6Gb of data all for 80 bucks a month… They can go suck a lemon I’m with Bell. Never Gonna switch up my plan at this rate.

    • Louis Cloutier

      I’ve got the same plan as you, but for $60 😉 They’ve called a few times to “offer me a better plan” and quickly backtracked when they realized that wasn’t a possibility with their new prices.

    • Jv

      Hahhaahahaha Good Job. You make em Keep that Plan I would never Change up. 😛

    • Stuntman06

      I have a similar plan for $70 a month. I fluked out about a year or two ago (forgot exactly when) when I wanted to change my plan. They offered me the promotional plan that they happened to be offering at the time that was better than my existing plan and the plan I was going to switch to. Although it is not as good as the plans a friend of mine has with a smaller carrier, this is still better than anything I have seen from the big carriers in years.

    • CrazyFish

      I got the same thing but for $50, they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

  • leafsfan861

    Nothing beats my Bell offer in Thunder Bay. Unlimited Nation-wide calling, unlimited text with 6GB all for $50/mth Check it out bellDOTca/thunderbay

    • Jv

      Solid plan, its true

    • Garrett Cooper

      The only downside is, well, Thunder Bay…..

  • Kenjuta

    this is just anti-competitve
    someone get the competition bureau and CRTC and the ministry of industry

    • ScooterinAB

      Can you explain how changing prices in order to compete with other providers is anti-competitive?

    • Kenjuta

      if they’re trying to compete for the highest price… sure I see where you’re going
      but they’re all increasing their prices and limiting choices is kind of going in line with price fixing which is anti competitive

    • ScooterinAB

      They are not limiting choices, price fixing, or doing anything anti-competitive. I really wish people would consult a dictionary before posting garbage like this online. It’s very easy to hide behind your monitor and not justify anything you say. It’s harder but more worthwhile to actually present an argument that is supported by facts.

      Over time, things get more expensive. It’s called inflation. Deal with it. But I would also like to point out that the most common plans for every carrier did not actually increase in price. $85 last week is still $85 this week. So yes, there was a price increase on some plans, but there were also changes to how much data customers have available. Instead of offering only no data and lots of data, customers now have the option to have some data. I call offering more plans choice, even if everyone is competing at the same price.

    • Kenjuta

      same can be said about you consulting a dictionary before posting garbage like this online and easily hiding behind your monitor
      as technology improves it actually gets cheaper to offer services like this and because of population growth it’s also cheaper to offer the same amount of service to more people because of economic of scale. they’re forcing you to have little data and lots of voice and text. why don’t they offer services for lots of data with little voice and/or text? why did they eliminate cheaper voice only plans for people that don’t have smart phones?
      the some data they offer before wasn’t enough for a lot of people and now they’re offering even less. most of my friends need to ask around for people’s wifi password whenever they visit someone because their phone barely have any data because of the horrible expensive plans most carriers offer.
      if they really want to offer more choices they’d go back to splitting voice and data plans and let customers pick and choose what they want instead of forcing them to pay so much more for a slight increase of data in the next plan up
      right now telus, rogers, and bell don’t even have to compete for your business that’s why they can just increase the price for all of their plans and you’re left with either picking one of them and paying the same overpriced price or switch to mobilicity or wind with less coverage and no LTE for half the price

    • ScooterinAB

      There actually seems to be some talk in the industry of separating voice and data. There are pros and cons to doing so. It’s good because you can easily change your data pool as your needs change without changing the voice and other components of your plan, but it’s bad because this is where all of those “my plan is $30 but my bill is $60” complaints came from years ago. Customers want a single price, not a patchwork of services that makes your bill hard to understand.

      I completely agree that certain costs tend to come down as technology improves. This is why almost all carriers are offering unlimited calling and texting. The costs of offering these services has come down to the point where there doesn’t seem to be a notable difference between unlimited and, say, 200 minutes.

      For the record, there are still plans with metered minutes. They are available as contingency plans for customers who are really opposed to unlimited calling. And you know what? No one takes them, because they really aren’t much better.

      And no, carriers are not limiting customers to small data pools. They are offering customers whatever they want, but the customer must agree to pay it. Customers make the choice on how much data they want and how much they want to pay for service. If your friends are opting for Wi-Fi over mobile data because of the costs, props to them for making responsible consumer choices. They seem to know that they should be using Wi-Fi as a cost mitigating solution. Bravo to them.

    • Kenjuta

      my biggest complaint about the plans for the past few years is that if you want lots of data, you’ll have to get lots of voice, which drives up the cost of the package
      they don’t offer the option for little voice big data
      and yes, because it cost them almost nothing to offer voice and text messaging, they will try to upsell you to the bigger/unlimited voice plans because it doesn’t really cost that much more but they make a bigger margin on it

      if it wasn’t for the grandfathered 6GB data plan i got 5 6 years ago, i won’t be enjoying my phone much. each month i use at least 3GB of data. most of it is just streaming video to and from work on the bus. if i was to get a new plan now that will be suitable for my needs then i’d have to pay over $110 for only 4GB and get all the useless voice calls i want to make

    • Gamblor77

      I 100% agree!!! Why the hell don’t I have the option to pick minimal (or no) voice and all data/text? That’s my biggest issue with this BS price fixing game the “big 3” have going on. I should have the option to pick $30 data, $10 text/call ID bundle and whatever the cost of the subsidized phone is per month (maybe $20 extra on contract).
      Brings my total to $60 ($40 if I already own a phone), and if I CHOOSE to add a voice package I should have that option.
      It should NOT start with an automatic $60 raping PLUS the items you actually need. Who the hell makes voice calls anyway? I text and email 95% of the time. I suspect the industry is steering in the direction of more data and less voice as well. The phone companies are taking advantage of the extra data needs and gouging the sh*t out of people. Pure greed, plain and simple!

  • Sweet

    Woah, I sure as heck didn’t see that coming ! /s

  • AReid

    Government should step in and stop the price fixing going on.

    • PT

      Government … aka CRTC …. Robellus . Got it!

  • grantdude

    At my work, I have 2 corporate plans I can pick from. Both are way better than what’s advertised here. So, what I don’t understand is, why are people signing up for these publicly advertised, sucky plans? Surely you have some sort of corporate plan at work or know somebody who does.

    • vn33

      Not every company has a corporate plan, maybe the major companies, but I agree, anyone who works for a big company should ask if they have a corp plan.

  • KrispyInTO

    LOL WOW. The new CRTC rulings sure did help!

  • jattsober

    WIND please promise that you will never us alone with ROBELLUS.
    Holiday Miracle plan FTW!

    • crocop24

      Wind coverage…LOL!

    • Rat in Toronto

      Try it and you will find better that ROBELLUS telling you.

  • Maes33

    What a joke

  • Sgtyuro

    I need to get this off my chest. I work for one of the big three and pitching these over priced plans to clients makes me sick to my stomach. When they talk about competition they talk about the big three and their sub brands, never do they talk about the new entrants because they aren’t worth competing with. They make us say their network is atrocious and paying more means better service. Wind is an awesome company I got a prepaid plan from them a while ago and besides the slower data speed in really happy with it. Once my contact is done in making the switch. The only way these corporations will understand that we are done posing for these over priced plans is if we make the switch to the new entrants or regional carriers. I’ve seen people pay 400$+ a month for their telecommunication services. This is robbery plain and simple.

    • downhilldude

      I”m close to the industry, myself, and I know enough people who have tried Wind. Only one is still with them, and she isn’t much of a volume user. Everyone else just couldn’t handle the lower quality of service (people living and working downtown, in major Canadian cities, and not getting signal in their office or condo). Gotta pick your poison: lower cost or more usable. If one of the big three starts to offer Wind’s plans, they’re going to get 90% of the users, overnight. (and, ‘Yes’, I realize this will never happen, but it’s nice to dream)

    • crocop24

      So you work for a big 3 telco, yet you are with wind.

      Yes, i believe you.

    • ScooterinAB

      I’ve sold for nearly every provider in Canada and directly work for three, including Wind.

      No one is making you say that Wind’s network is garbage. It just simply is. There is a very good reason why I left Wind to sell for the Big 3 again.

  • canuck07

    I absolutely couldn’t see this coming.

  • Bri Bru

    Stop complaining and switch to Wind or Mobilicity NOW!! Those who stay with them are supporting these thieves!!

    • crocop24

      Sure…let me pay $400 to leave my current provider to join mobilicity which be be bought by one of them in the next 8-12 months.

      great plan.

    • Bri Bru

      Not the best idea for you of course but many people who are near the end of their contracts should definitely consider. I actually paid about 150 to cancel to leave my contract but I did the math and I was actually saving a lot more (eg. 40*12=480 and yes, you can save up to 40 a month). Btw, I’m tried both Wind and Mobilicity and from my experience, Wind’s service is more reliable and better coverage.

    • sicsicpuppy

      as soon as those 2 have decent service.Of course it’s cheaper ,as long as you call and stay in your tiny zone

    • Bri Bru

      Yes I was referring to those who live in the GTA area or other areas that are covered by Wind. So many people stay in the GTA and yet stay with robellus.. not realizing Wind has 1/3 monthly fee plans. I know that the speed isn’t as great as the robellus but I think Wind’s service is quite reliable.

  • OMFCody

    Data is absolutely ridiculous… Keeping my 6GB for $30 when I upgrade to the One..

  • Mark Landry

    such competition, so catchy ,WOW, many sunshine

    • crocop24

      so original. so funny. much wow.

  • Nachotech

    Three years ago I bought a subsidized phone from Telus. I was required to get a plan that was at least $50 a month. In three years that price has gone up to $80 a month if you get any top tier smartphone. I realize contracts are now 2 years instead of 3, but the base contract prices have gone up 37.5% in three years, and that includes only 500MB of data.

    As best as I can tell, unless you’re saving AT LEAST $500 off the price of your phone by signing up for the contract, you’re better off buying the phone outright and going contract free.

  • downhilldude

    I love how the feds keep playing commercials, saying how prices have gone down since they got involved. Sure as heck haven’t seen any evidence of this myself. Rate plans, and hardware prices, all going up since 2-year contracts came in. Thanks again, federal government!

  • Vineet Sharma

    They only have “Match the Price” in their dictionary not “Beat the Price”…SAD

  • thepeddle

    It’s amazing how fast they’ll jump at matching a Price Increase but will never or I should say without a major argument match a decrease in competition price.

    • Comrade Yeti

      What are you talking about? There’s many stories and comments on here how when a promo comes out how it’s matched within hours by the others. Up or down.

  • Matt Krieger

    Rogers, Unlimited Share everything, is $50 for smart phone + $25 for 10 GB… I can live with that plan…. Now i just have move to Manitoba to get that plan. As same plan in BC is $65 for phone + $85 for 10 GB = $150….

    • arahman21

      Yeah, that’s what happens when the big 3 has to compete, not just “compete”.

  • Brandin Chiu

    Beyond infuriating to see just a couple months after Harper’s ad campaign of saving us money. Prices have never been higher. This has always been the problem with 2 year plans. Companies have to amortize over fewer months, meaning they need to charge more to keep their bottom line.

    With all carriers matching each other’s pricings since the dawn of time, I would much rather pay 60.00/month over 3 years, and the tab fee IF I DECIDE I WANT TO LEAVE, than be penalized forever.

    The long and short of it is that people spent too much time complaining about the wrong thing: plan term vs plan cost.

    • Jv

      Totally True, I have only signed a contract for a free phone twice… All i care about is the cost of the Plan, not about the cost of the phone. I buy a phone every year outright… just saves money in the long run… but people are so often short sighted

    • Sweet

      That’s what I kept saying to the ban-3-year-contracts people before the wireless code hearings. They kept saying that “competition” would prevent rates and phone prices from rising. As predicted, they were wrong.

    • Brandin Chiu

      What they should have done was instead force all plan options into amortization periods of EITHER two or three years. That way, people who wanted the freedom could sign up for the two, and people who didn’t care, could stay with the better pricing.

    • Ren596

      The CRTC Should have made the BIG 3 Bring in 1 Year Contracts, when they got Rid of 3 Years Contracts.

    • Brandin Chiu

      This would have only made things worse. The entire reason our plan prices are higher is because we’re not paying over as many months. Cutting another 12 months would not at all help.

    • Ren596

      In the UK they Have One Year Contracts & They offer decent discounts on the cost of a phone as well as 2 Year Contracts.

    • Brandin Chiu

      Right, but sadly we’re not using a UK model. When we dropped 3 year terms, we began mimicking the US model — almost exactly.

      So as wonderful as the magical land of the Euro is, its like comparing apples and oranges.

    • Ren596

      Rogers Had Tried 1YR Contracts with FIDO But the amount WAS Under $100.00 so it Did NOT Take off

  • TouchMyBox

    Price fixing? What Price fixing?

  • dancingchicken

    For $45/month I get unlimited everything with Virgin + 6 GB of data…life is sweet :)…these new plans just make me cringe :-/

  • imjohnh

    What a scam! My family has 3 Galaxy S4’s on a corporate plan from Rogers; $50 for 5GB, 350 anytime minutes, unlimited Canadian texting, call display, VM, E&W @ 6pm, billing by the second – plus we got a $100 programming credit on our handset. For and extra $5 we can add on unlimited Canada wide LD!

    With ZERO regard for data usage, I never go over 2.5 GB a billing cycle.

    I’m never leaving this plan.

    If a reseller can offer that, it goes to show you how much margin is in a plan.

    Go ahead and spin that, Big 3 shills!

  • imjohnh

    I think the next federal government would be wise to buy all the wireless network infrastructure back from the big three – whatever the cost – and lease it back to all providers who wish to access it. Then you will be able to provide a level playing field to new market entrants. We spent upwards of $50 Billion back during the “fiscal crisis” of 2008 on what, some bridges and highways? And a nice little gazebo in Huntsville…

    Some federal government has to grow a pair and be willing to spend the 10s of Billions necessary to do something with true national impact instead of “18 Billion over 15 years” propaganda.

    If $30 Billion for some jet fighters is in the national interest surely a nationwide modern telecommunications network is as well.

    • Jason

      Ya, because the government is so efficient at running companies lol. Think Canada Post haha

    • imjohnh

      If you think Canada Post is inefficient, I suggest you go down to your nearest FedEx or UPS depot and ask them to deliver a letter to Inuvik for you. I guessing it’ll cost you a helluva lot more than even the new $1 rate that will sone come into effect for lettermail.

      It’s a myth that Canada post is inefficient. Canada Post turned a profit for 17 out of the last 18 years (not counting 2013, numbers are not available); the only loss coming in 2011 when there was a strike and more importantly a $200 Million dollar lawsuit settlement on the books.

      If you only read (and regurgitate) the headlines, you tend to be a bit ill-informed. There’s a whole world of information out there, you don’t have to drink the NeoCon Kool-aid.

    • Sweet

      A year ago some investment bankers tried to buy the carriers’ towers so the bankers can turn them into a REIT and lease them back to the carriers. The carriers were not interested. The carriers said owning the towers gave them a competitive advantage.

    • imjohnh

      well, that’s the beauty of being a government – you get to make the rules (on our behalf.) If the big three don’t like it, they could always ply their trade in another, more business friendly environment…

  • RON

    IF THIS IS NOT FIXED PRICE ,NOTHING IS!!! When canadians wake up and say ENOUGH!!!!

  • beyond

    WTF is this shite!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rat in Toronto

    4G shared data @ $110. I love Wind, 3x(Unlimited data + call) = $96 tax included.
    It feel so good to be in Wind zone.

    • sicsicpuppy

      And kinda stuck in your zone only

    • sicsicpuppy

      And kinda stuck in your zone only

    • Rat in Toronto

      Since I have job to do, it is hard for me to travel outside of Wind GTA zone everyday.
      Again It feel so good to be in Wind zone.

    • Rawrrr

      I had Wind for 3 years. Went back to ROBBERS on their corporate plan because I wasn’t always in the zone. Unlimited data is useless if you’re on and off roaming.

  • Thrasher

    Happy that 100 GB of Google cloud data is $1.99/month and 500 MB of mobile data is $80/month. 😛

    • arahman21

      Kinda apples and oranges. One is just storage (you can get a ~3TB HDD for the same price as a 1TB GDrive plan), other is bandwidth. Still, doesn’t change the fact the prices the big 3 charge for data are beyond outrageous.

  • Thrasher

    Honestly, what is the Canadian Government doing to fight this price fixing besides sponsoring deceitful commercials? I don’t really follow Canadian politics but there must be a way to get heard about this matter. Can we flood the PM or parliament with thousands of postcards or something? Or sign a petition ? What do you guys say? What are our options?

  • Markolopogous

    What a joke. In 2010 I registered for a Virgin Mobile Tab plan at $45 a month for everything now listed under the 1GB plan above and in 2014 you’re paying double for the same thing. I’ve already decided there’s no way I’m ever getting another “subsidized” phone; I’m paying full price no matter the cost. Paying an extra $45 a month over two years for a “subsidized” phone will save me a negligible amount over purchasing it outright (and depending on the cost of the phone it couldl be cheaper to buy outright over a two-year plan).

  • Ren596

    Typical Big 3 CRAP

  • Liquid Snake

    Who is using robellus? you must be really stupid honestly.

    • steven_bauman_7

      Where I live, there’s no other options besides a big three company.

  • MonishB

    Price gouging at its best. Canada should allow 100% foreign ownership of telecoms, then only we will see more competition come in.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Why are price increases warranted at all mobilesyrup, don’t give these massive corporations a free pass. They without fail pull in massive profits every year, and increase in size and profit every year. They themselves brag about increasing customers, and smartphone users. So don’t just give them a softball by saying that prices were warranted to go up with two year contracts. I ask why?

  • Gordo70

    These prices are outrageous in Manitoba we ca get 15 GB unlimited talk and text for $85. I guess we have real competition.

    • L Joel

      you guys do, the plan i have here in ontario is from saskatchewan telus site, I called to complain about the gouging and asked Telus for their western rates

  • L Joel

    my 5gig plan is 60$ now…. wow now pretty much double! And BYOD comes out to what? the same gouge

  • flower_petals

    I’m sorry but if someone is paying over $100/mth for one line, they need to be slapped silly. Are you frickin’ kidding me??!! With wifi almost everywhere and at home – what is the need for 15 gb of data for $165. I may be in the minority but I really don’t need to talk and use data that much on a cell phone. I pay $25/mth for a basic line at home (I have young kids and wouldn’t feel comfortable without it) and I have a year prepaid plan with rodgers for emergency calling or whatnot, and $25/mth for 1gb tablet data with bell (for maps or email checking).

    And the “free” 10 hours of bell mobile tv is crap too. If you don’t have bell tv you really don’t get too much of a great selection.

    • Thrasher

      Tablet plans are by far the best deals from Big 3. Wifi might be everywhere but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing online banking or shopping on public wifi.
      What we need is cheap data add-ons with limited data at LTE speed and throttled afterwards. Like for example $10/month for 500MB with unlimited throttled data at 32-64 kbps afterwards.
      They have these add-ons in Europe, why can’t we?

    • flower_petals

      Why do mb/SK get really good deals? I never understood that.

  • Pascal Bouffard

    And you can you can get discount if you have multi-services

  • Dragonskizz

    Everyone is complaining about the cost of the plans for their cellphones. So here is an easy solution to bring down the cost of the plan. Buy your smartphone out right. Pay $300-$1000. out right and use the cheaper option of the bring your own device plan. This way you can upgrade when ever you want, and still maintain the cheapest plan. Companies, don’t have to give away phones…this is not a gift with service industry. Everyone wants the best cellphone on the market, they want if free and then they complain that the plan in too high. We live in a “I want a free phone and a cheap plan, oh and you can through a case in for free,” society. Then their are the ones that break their phones and expect the companies to hand over another free phone, just because they are paying for a service.. Everyone wants something for nothing.

  • Brad Mebus


  • Barry P

    We need to have a price fixing investigation… NOW!!!
    Record profits and they still want more.

  • aaron

    $90 a month for a cellphone is too much…

  • Walls

    Call me crazy, this smacks of PRICE FIXING. Is anyone taking note of the trend.

  • Charles Robert Larsh

    these guys are price fixing it’s so obvious

  • EllSee

    Big 3, go die in a fire you bunch of SOBs.

  • wing

    Isn’t price fixing against the law? Ridiculous!

  • ScooterinAB

    No. I left Wind because I was tired of openly and completely lying to people. I left Wind because I wanted to know I’d have a job next week, and was tired of working for a clown company. I wanted to work for a company where I didn’t get complaints every single day about how terrible the network was, and how customers now have to cancel and change carriers in order to have a working phone.

    And for the record, I make far less money where I am now than at Wind, because I don’t have fools, pimps, and drug deals crawling out of the woodwork every moment of every day to buy a phone. I actually have fewer sales where I am now, but those sales are less likely to be cancelled, disconnected, or have a warrant issued to release evidence within a month, so it all works out in the end.

  • Yogi mogi

    yes, not as good at the moment but still beats the 3, i’ll switch to bell as soon as my life sentence with bell is over