TELUS to increase monthly SharePlus rate plans by $5


  • FunkyMonkey

    “…to ensure we remain competitive and are providing our customers with the best service possible…”

    • abc123

      Whoever said that to the media mumbled “… at the highest prices possible” right after.

    • thisiscjay

      I work for Telus, and frankly, I’m scratching my head at this…

    • PewZ

      Same here…

    • Acer12345

      Play robinhood and give employee discounts to everyone. 🙂

    • gommer strike

      he can’t, he’s got only 1 employee ID.

    • kilowiko

      Ahh. That explains the insanity coming from you regarding blackberry. Its all coming together now.

    • thisiscjay

      What because I’m not American? Smh

  • Crumb

    “No word on whether Rogers or Bell will follow suit on their own shared data plan”

    When have they not? They’re basically one giant company that happens to be three separate commercial entities. If it’s not collusion, well, it’s certainly not competition.

    • It’s Me

      Only in the Canadian wireless scene does a question like that make sense. Our carriers are in a sort of competition. They compete to see who can gouge most.

    • cartfan88

      Time for them to run some of their “charity” or “giving back to the needy” ads to distract the masses while the gouge takes effect.

    • kilowiko

      Ya like bell and their “mental health” bs. They spent more ADVERTISING for it than they’re actually putting into the actual program. Now if that doesn’t make even the thickest of you wankers go wtf you deserve to be raped by these companies for the rest of your lives.

    • Jacque Cousteau

      I really don’t want to be raped for the rest of my life…but Bell reports and the charities reports hundreads of thousands if not millions of dollars being donated by Bell to Mental Healt Research…I am pretty sure that they don’t spend that much on the advertising. I get that some might think it is a sham, but this Bell “Let’s talk day” seems pretty legit.

  • hardy83

    When asked why Telus increased it’s rates by $5. Their response was.
    “Why? Because screw you that’s why.”

    • ToniCipriani

      I thought they said “dolla dolla bill, y’all”.

    • hardy83

      They yelled that as they were leaving the room.

    • Suleman Khan

      Just made me laugh !!! Couldnt agree with you more!

  • Yulet

    TELUS is the biggest devil in this country. Don’t believe their slogans “the future is friendly” and “We’re committed to putting YOU first”. By “YOU” they mean the shareholders and the future is friendly only for them.

    • abc123

      I respectfully disagree. Rogers is the biggest devil in this country. Then comes Bell, then Telus.

    • HelloCDN

      TELUS as a separate entity now exists only on paper. They have an active non-compete agreement with Bell and use their LTE network. The reality is that this country has 2 big players – Rogers and Bell, and everybody else is just a pity sidekick.

    • PewZ

      They have more subscribers then Bell though

    • Chris M.

      Yea you’re wrong. Bell & TELUS jointly invested in the network back a few years ago when they launched HSPA. TELUS did the major investment out in the west where they dominate and Bell did the main investment out here.

      As a result, they share the network nationwide. You do realize that TELUS is the ‘Bell’ of the west right? They own it for TV, Landline, Internet, Wireless for the most part.

      TELUS is also now the number two provider based on subscribers putting them between Rogers & Bell.

    • 4ChanApologist

      If they ever felt like going the whole “truth in advertising” route, they could use that as their slogan.

      “Telus. We’re the lesser of three evils”.

    • Matt Dickerson

      they’d need a different slogan for everyone in the country. everyone has their own truth.

    • William Z. 

      I think they also mean “Future is indeed friendly”, just not “Now”

    • kroms

      Same BS just Different smells.

  • Max Fireman

    “More more more. We want more $$$$. We don’t know what we do with so much

  • canuck07

    The government should give Wind Mobile free spectrum, then Telus will reverse this decision and there’ll be some BS press release saying something like “to thank our loyal customers, we’ve decided to reverse the $5 increase decision”

    • Jee

      they will need to reverse more than $5 if Wind or Mobilcity gets more spectrum and better infrastructure..

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      Which is not going to happen since Mobilicity is selling itself off via auction, and Wind pulled out of the latest spectrum auction due to lack of capital to invest. There is no new spectrum coming to Wind or Mobi (and there may not even be a Mobi in the near future). Wind is going to refarm some of their old EDGE towers into LTE, but that still doesn’t give them new areas or coverage. Basically Wind is about to stagnate/plateau, sadly…

    • kilowiko

      No, we need a kick starter program. Either to fund one of the incumbents or to start a new company somehow.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    can someone expaling to me the difference between sharing my data on my “lite” phone vs a non “lite” phone? Looks to me like: oh, you have an iphone 5s? then you can pay more for that. Humbag!

    • SV650

      None, the data cost is the same, no matter the plan. ‘Lite’ phones have a smaller device subsidy than the premium ones. I thought everyone knew that.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I was being sarcastic as to why they used the term smartphone lite and smartphone when the actual sharing process and capabilities are the same regardless of the phone. The fact that you have or not an entry level phone should not be a factor for deciding the price

    • Matt Dickerson

      the monthly commitment is different for the two categories – $70 vs. $45

    • Chris M.

      Yes it should, your iPhone is being subsidized much more than your Nexus 5 and your service agreement is the same length…………..the phones aren’t free to TELUS.

    • Eddie Sarnecki

      I checked the math while plan hunting when the 5s came out, new iphones were not really ‘subsidized’ if you compare what you save over 24 months with the BYOD plan price compared to the smartphone plan, more like a layaway plan or something. Didn’t seem worth the the 2 years.

  • abc123

    Wow. Rate increases not even a week after Wind sealed their own fate. The big 3 obviously know they have won.

    • Columbo

      My thoughts exactly when I saw this story. On Monday WIND pulls out of the spectrum auction… on Thursday Telus increases their rates. What a funny coincidence.

  • Lookslikevin

    The government could take that 9 million in advertising and give it to the new entrants along with spectrum. Something has to change so that the new entrants can afford to be competitive. Especially if they won’t change the provisions for foreign investment.

    • Matt Dickerson

      you support welfare for million dollar corporations? give me a break.

    • Lookslikevin

      No, I support competition. The competition that’s getting worse because they don’t have the Canadian backing to compete in Canada. I also support jobs in Canada. There will be jobs lost if Wind can’t compete and they’re forced to file for bankruptcy.

  • Rich

    Investors say “thank you”
    Consumers say “fu”

    • rgl168

      Then let’s buy their stocks; we all be investors as well as customers and get thanks for getting f***ed. (LOL)

    • Soulrift

      You would need $20,321.21 invested in Bell, $28,087.50 in Telus, or $30,185.63 in Rogers to get $85 a month in dividend payouts. Free phones for investors!

    • JTon

      This is not a bad idea you know

    • hi

      You got a job?

  • HelloCDN

    Lol, of course Bell will follow with the price increase, they have a non-compete agreement.

  • hoo dat

    Auction recovery fee.

  • gommer strike

    Then don’t use them. Choice.

  • canucks4life

    Don’t forget to add your crappy data bucket on top of those base plans as well…

  • Jee

    Cellphone Plans in Canada are probably the most expensive in the world.. and now TELUS wanna increase by $5?? They are not allowing me to upgrade to new phone on 2 years with my current plan.. I must change it to minimum $70.. And to get the features and data I currently have, I would need to pay $85 compared to $55 I have been paying.. I have been with TELUS for 12 years, and they don’t care.. The agent told me straight that he can’t do anything and that I can go to another service provider if I like.. Thank you agent, I will..

    • Matt Dickerson

      japan says hi. they’re plans make canada’s look like the free handouts ‘Lookslikevin’ wants to give to millionaires.

    • Lookslikevin

      I guess reading isn’t your forte. Please, let me explain. The new entrants need investors to bid on spectrum. Unless the government would like to make it easier for foreign investors, they should give (loan) the money for the spectrum to the new entrants. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of what they (the government) said they were trying to do in the first place.

    • Matt Dickerson

      And how much ‘easier’ do you want FDI rules? they already changed the rules for the new entrants post facto, which selectively applied to the new entrants only, limiting the ways the big 3 can compete. They also set aside spectrum for the few to bid on and are doing so again (which enrages me as a taxpayer, given we can raise oh so much more). I just dont get how many more breaks they need to make for these companies so they can ‘compete’? Let the market rule, which says customers determine the winners and losers. And stop limiting the gains from the spectrum auction for the few urban users.

    • Mike Lee

      Exactly what happened to me to the T.
      What the hell is going on!?
      I’ve been a loyal customer since 2007 I think, was with Rogers before that.

    • CrazyFish

      That’s why you buy your own phone, $30×24 months = $720 that’s a pretty decent phone. I was in the same boat, I kept my plan saved about $25/month, kept my 6GB data and bought a Nexus 4 for $300 tax in.

    • Sydnee Ferguson

      hi jee I work fo telus and not all phones require the minimum 70 plan

    • Matt Dickerson

      Here’s a recent pull from a BGR article:

      “A similar study performed by Cowen in the third quarter last year
      yielded comparable results. Verizon was the most expensive at $153 per
      month, T-Mobile was the cheapest at $133, and AT&T and Sprint were
      in the middle at $147 and $143, respectively.”

  • Salinger

    Don’t forget, when 2 year pricing was initially announced a few months ago, TELUS’ plans were by far the most expensive; far more ridiculously priced than they are now even.

    Of course, as always in Canada, when Bell & Rogers didn’t fall in lock step immediately, TELUS quickly matched them exactly (for the exact same plans). Now that Wind is no longer any kind of threat going forward, they may be trying to go back to those original pricing models.

    It’ll depend on whether Bell & Rogers play ball. If they increase their prices likewise in the next couple of weeks, then that’ll be the new normal. If they don’t bite, TELUS will drop their prices again, or have a permanent “promotional” price exactly equal to Bell & Rogers.

    That’s how it works here. There’s no real differentiation on price, plans or features. You just hold your nose and pick one and when you can’t stand it any longer, you jump to the exact same plan at one of the other two for as long as you can stomach that. And so on, and so on.

  • Jonavin

    Celebrating the purchase of Public Mobile, pending bankrupt Mobilicity, and lack of funding from WIND. Why wouldn’t you raise prices?! It’s the best time ever.

    The question isn’t why they are raising it $5, but why isn’t it more. Telus is leaving money on the table. Come on Rogers, show them how it’s done.

  • kroms

    YES ! Right on.

    They should raise it to $10 , $5 is not the Canadian way.

  • Jacque Cousteau

    My hope, although the odds of it being true are extremely slim, is that they increase the plan by $5 but do something about the terribel data add ons. $20 for 500 mb is a sham (although a couple of years ago it was $25 for 500 mb), and I hope they fix that part in some sort of way.

  • kroms

    The Day WIND is no longer around is the Day I only get a bare minimum Plan with no Data or bare min Data and only use Wifi. No way I will EVER bleed money to the BIG 3.

    • gommer strike

      And you have full power to exercise that course of action. Services such as Shaw Go and even TELUS is beginning to come out with their own copy-cat service similar to Shaw(free WiFi from common places).

      Public WiFi coverage is expanding and becoming more and more prevalent, making the mobile data plan less and less of a necessity. If anything, I’d argue just the standard, minimum voice plan is all really, that should be considered a “mandatory citizen” type of service that should rightfully be very cheap to use.

  • kroms

    Do NOT Blame ROBELUS for this.

    The Responsible PARTY is the GOV OF CANADA.

    They paved the road for the Situation we are in today.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Wow… really?? If the gouge wasn’t enough… I’m sure they’re going to make an assload of money over the next 2 years as people who renew can expect a $20-60+ per month in their plan. Un-f***ing-believable.

  • Jack Lee

    Going backwards again. First they revive the terrible share plans and now this.

  • ScooterinAB

    This is the wrong direction for this to move in. Things should not go up in price, only to go on sale. That causes market confusion as well as being a dirty sales tactic.

  • GrimConch

    Something important to consider is phone subsidies. After the 28th of February, when presumably a plan for a Smartphone on a 2yr term will be $60 + data, you’ll need a $600 subsidy to break even vs the BYOD option which is remaining at $35/mo (so far). As it stands, the HTC One and Lumia 1020 are break-even, the Q10 saves you a bit, the rest of them cost you as much as $200 MORE on contract. So either there’s a bit of restructuring down the line, or contracts become a “poor tax” where you end up basically paying interest for not being able to afford a $700 phone up front. We’ll see what happens.

  • ABCONMan

    I think when my device balance is paid off, I’ll say adios to TELUS and jump over to their flanker brand Koodo. Seriously, for $45, it’s one of the best plans around, even if I have to buy my own device. These days, a Nexus 5 is plenty enough for the price for myself. In fact, if I jump now, I’d probably save in the long run.

  • MissKittyKat

    Funny how this is not true. Bad source.

  • Canuck

    “TELUS is committed to putting your business first by being clear,
    helpful and dependable.”

    Wow, I may as well play to the stock market trying to keep tabs on the three big providers. Today, $55, Tomorrow $60, but hey we will return to you $5.00 and up the data package.

    For me, I am leaving Rogers. I will add two lines to the stats on those that are leaving. Despite Telus playing games, it appears that they may still be the preferred choice.

    I have been a Rogers customer for years, but when I wanted a business plan with all the incentives for new customers, they wanted me to cancel my account, wait 30 days and then reapply. Retentions could do nothing. I bet after I am gone,, they will come and make me an offer. Sorry Rogers. Too little, too Late.