Google reports excellent Q4 numbers, still dragged down by Motorola


  • iphoneee’s bro

    Wow apple is 4x the size of Google. Insanity.

    • JLishere

      Yeah. That’s life-changing.

    • Josh Brown

      Because their phones cost 4x as much. Haha

    • alphs22

      Did you pass grade school?

    • Josh Brown

      Yes I did a moto g is $150 . How much is a iPhone 5c?

    • alphs22

      Hmm forgot about that one, even though they’re not comparable.

    • Josh Brown

      Explain how the are not comparable other than LTE.

    • alphs22

      LTE (can’t dismiss that), vastly superior camera, more bands supported, larger available storage

    • Josh Brown

      But moto g has a bigger screen. Has the same ppi. The only freq it is missing is 1700 but the moto g has 1800 which iPhone c doesnt. The camera is 5mp instead of 8. Still does that justify 4x the price?

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      In a nutshell…one is very restrictive and not very customizable where the other isn’t.

    • thisiscjay

      They’re very comparable, it was actually Motorola’s intention the entire time (iPhone type experience with 1/4 the price)

    • Blueliner

      Chill. no need to put down everyone here

    • Josh Brown

      Don’t worry just look at his other posts, he is just ultra sensitive about his dear apple products.

    • alphs22

      Just bringing some perspective into an otherwise Fandroid-fest comments section here. I think for the most part my comments make a good deal of sense.

      I use both daily.

    • Josh Brown

      Asking if I went to school is adding perspective. You are the type of apple fan boy that polarizes everyone. Being condesending, if you don’t spend premium money on a smart phone you must be simple. I was just stating a fact that for the most part apple products cost way more than their win/android counterparts.

    • Paul Figueiredo

      But yet Google stock is worth more than twice as much as Apple’s. Google: $1135.39. —> Apple: $499.44

      Apple makes it’s profits via artificially inflated profit margin on their products. It doesn’t equate to stock value or perceived company financial value.

    • alphs22

      Comparing the stock prices of 2 companies doesn’t get you any useful information, unless they have the same amount of outstanding shares (which Google and Apple do not).

      You’re looking for market capitalization, in which Apple is twice as valuable as Google.

    • Paul Figueiredo

      It tells you what investors perceive as the “safer bet”. It tells you which company generates more interest in the stock market. It tells you the value of a company’s business strategy from an investors standpoint. It tells you if stock buyers feel that a companies profit scheme is sustainable or not.

      It tells you a lot of things from the perspective of the people who buy the stock.

    • alphs22

      I can tell you don’t invest your money.

    • p_lindsay

      Actually I think it tells you that at some point in the past Apple split their stock and Google has not.

    • Josh Brown

      You are correct. But it is very close. Apple has 2.6 times as many shares, but googles share price is 2.3 times apples.

  • Mr_Reliable

    Isn’t it normal to lose more money on less revenue? Costs tend to stay the same, revenues do not.