Microsoft reportedly set to name Satya Nadella as next CEO


  • HelloCDN

    That might be an interesting choice, since apparently the guy knows how to work with developers, which is exactly what Windows needs for their mobile platform. If they hire yet another “business development” guy (Ford’s CEO) they’ll end up in same place as with Balmer.

    • FunkyMonkey

      Which isn’t THAAAT terrible, Microsoft just posted another record quarter, and steadily grew under Ballmer’s leadership. Surface took off, Xbox is pretty solid, Windows Phone is getting up there…

      Yea, Ballmer wasn’t the most charismatic character, but I find it hard pressed that you would describe him as horrible.

    • Felix Brousseau

      I agree with you. People have focused to much on the shrinking of their market cap to see that Microsoft is still a highly influential, diverse and profitable company. Market cap is a relative value, skewed by market dynamics (and those highly reliable”analysts”).

  • Exikle

    Did anyone else hear “Sataya Nadella” and think of the name “Nelson Mandela”?

  • Jonah Emery

    I really think Microsoft needed a CEO from outside the company. Fresh eyes and zero prejudice would go a long way in the company.