Tim’s Times app brings crowdsourced data to ‘avoid frustratingly long line-ups’ at Tim Hortons

If you’re a fan of Tim Hortons, like many Canadians are, then this new app called “Tim’s Times” by Saskatchewan-based Qjumprz Solutions might good addition to your home screen.

There’s nothing fancy about Tim’s Times, but what it does well is give you a list nearby Tim Hortons locations, plus the option to “avoid frustratingly long line-ups.” Through crowdsourced data, the app brings you an estimated wait time at a specific Tim Hortons and displays it by either No wait, 3 minutes (cup in green), 5-10 minutes (cup in yellow), or 10+ minute wait times (cup in red).

The app is currently available for the iPhone with iOS 7, but will be coming soon to Android devices.

Source: Tim’s Time (App Store)
Via: Tim’s Time