Nokia’s Android interface leaks, shows Asha and Windows Phone inspiration


  • TomsDisqusted

    Wow, 4.4.1 – that’s pretty recent. I had assumed that once the Nokia/MS deal closed they would have moved to shut down this project pretty quickly. This new info suggests that they might be going ahead – could they be partnering with Amazon?

  • Olivier L.

    I’m still refusing to believe in this project. Judging from the source: weibo (Chinese twitter) and from previous screenshots, I still think this is a guy with some free time, playing everyone out.. It would make no sense for Nokia to work on an Android phone..

    • Garrett Cooper

      Except for, you know, selling more devices…

  • Midweek

    Windows Phone OS looks more beautiful.

  • bluecanada

    So, people would root and flash those phones pretty quickly afterwards, yes?