iPhone 5c now $50 on a 2-year contract at Target Mobile


  • JB

    Phone isnt selling.

  • spammenotdisqus

    I wouldn’t get it if it was $0.

    • jackjiarocks

      or free $100 giftcard.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    I find iPhones to be quite boring and excessively restricted when it comes to customization. Additionally, a 4-inch screens seems rather small to me now. I held a 5s in my hand a few weeks ago, and it honestly felt like a toy.

    As for 5c failing to sell, well, just look at its ridiculous introductory price. It made more sense to either pick up an iPhone 5, or add a hundred bucks, and get a 5s instead.

  • SpikedLemon

    There’s also a new Nexus.

    • Tom

      I’m a fandroid, but face it, lots of people only like iOS and will absolutely not switch to Android no matter how much cheaper it is.

    • SpikedLemon

      It’s not about people switching: it’s about attracting new people. Remember that not everyone has a smartphone.

  • L Joel

    0$ on with a 50$ plan that includes 1-2gig of data and unlimited everything else… then talk to me 🙂 Oh and a 100$ gift card

    • Tyrone_83

      I would say make it a 200 gift card and I’m sold. This would probably be the only exception I would lock myself in a contract.

  • G.P.

    It should of been this price when it first launched! i wish nothing but death to this large corp 🙂

  • Pengy Lin

    i have yet to see one in person…lol

  • beyond

    wow C really does stand for cheap

    • Yu Zhu

      Ain’t cheap enough!

    • Yulet

      Cheap quality but expensive price!

  • Haxor99

    No phone is worth it if you have to sign a crappy contract with a minimum $60 – $70 plan with no data

    • Tom

      … where do you get those numbers? Though I’m not on a contract, my $39 plan is usable with contracts (while it was offered) and it includes 600 MB of data… I’m not even using one of the new entrants (yet).

    • Bray

      Try doing a hardware upgrade on a plan that doesn’t exist anymore

    • Tom

      I checked the latest Robellus prices (the parent companies, not the cheaper sub brands).

      They do not allow you to get a contract on a high-end smartphone (yes the 5C looks cheap but price-wise it’s high end) without adding a data plan.

      And data is included in $70 plans ($70 appears to be the base price)

      Lower-end phones (like cheaper Androids) are allowed to be paired with cheaper data plans that are $45-$70 and still include data.

      I’m not saying Robellus isn’t ripping us off (their ripoffs are getting bigger by the year), just saying that $60+ with no data is unrealistic even by Robellus standards. Maybe in a few years that’ll be the case, but not right now.

  • DubbingHammer

    This is re-branded iPhone 5 with plastic case. I think it should’ve been around 99 dollars on contract and 449 outright when it first came out.

  • MXH070

    Once it hits FREE on 2 year contract or 250 our right then it’s OK to get one

    • L Joel

      200 outright 🙂

    • SuckyFuky

      And you’ll be waiting until 2017 for that too. Good luck to ya.

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    In fairness this phone was waay overpriced, if it had been this price on Contract and say 450 max outright then maybe. Apple cant do cheap its impossible for them.

    • Matt

      Why would they? People unfortunately pay the asking price for these guys. I’m reminded of the PS3 launch when people were lining up to spend 700 bucks plus, just to be the first to have it.

      The rest of us have to wait for the sales (or used).

  • davedooter

    Soon all iphones will be sold at Target. Only target.

  • PT

    $50 outright is what it worth, period.

    • SuckyFuky

      The funny part is, that the used market won’t even get as low as 50 outright until well after the year 2020. Ha ha. The original iPhone is still demanding 60, 3-3GS up to 120. Lol

  • L Joel


  • CensoredByU

    Apple “please buy our girly colored” repackage turd. PLEASE PLEASE. China you buy 5c long time.

  • Amparipaa

    the iphone 5c pricing was clearly a huge fumble on the part of apple. the price is too close to the high-end for what even apple should consider as a mid-range device. the fact that even target knows the price was too high to sell the things is a huge warning sign.

    here’s my prediction for when they announce the iPhone 6: they will have the iPhone 6, obviously, but as a companion phone to the 6 (and 5C replacement) they’ll dig in to their existing set of 3.5″ displays + a hodgepodge of components from the 4, 4S and 5 (now that the parts will be even cheaper to produce), axe both the iP4S (like the 4 got the axe when the 5S came around) & 5C (clearly the sales have been quite bad) and bring in the “iPhone Mini” to be sold for, say, around $350.