Nexus 5 briefly appears on Google Play, shows $349 (USD) for 16GB version


  • silver_arrow

    “Capture everyday and the epic in fresh new ways.”

    Looks like it will (hopefully) have a great camera with a tagline like that.

    • samwist23

      That’s a terrible tagline.

    • Travis Chalmers

      “Capture the everyday and the epic”? Shudder.

    • DubbingHammer

      I think google did mention in the past about improving the camera quality in their next nexus devices. I really hope LG and Google decided to keep OIS on rear camera.

    • Matthew

      The repair manual that was leaked a while ago confirmed that it had an OIS rear camera. Assuming they spent time ensuring the software side of the camera is up to par, then it should have a good camera experience indeed.

    • M-Len

      Really think the back of this phone is hideous…

    • GJ

      really ugly looks like a concept

  • daksen

    can’t wait!

    • sk

      u senegalese bro ?

    • daksen

      Yeah 🙂

  • Andrew Ishak

    It’s probably going to cost $359 or $369 for us

    • Guest

      More like $379.

  • Kelvin Chung

    group buy to save shipping to Toronto?

    • Ryan de Medeiros

      I’m down!!

    • Jonathan G.

      Sign me up for one!

    • Liberal Phone Person

      Me too.

    • Floyd Pepper

      I’m up for doing that. What’s the plan?

    • Flammable Yas

      How will this work exactly?

    • RG

      What he said. How do you guys arrange this?

    • Warren Marshall

      Pretty sure it was a joke

    • Kelvin Chung

      unless someone be the buyer… l dont want to risk 6-7 ppl with no pickup lol

    • Ryan de Medeiros

      Here’s my email… We’ll talk when the phone is launched.

    • Anthony Ly

      mee 4

  • JB

    Dat camera. O_O

  • Bri

    How about Nexus 10?

  • Ricky Cheung

    where is the earpiece speaker?

    • Vostok

      Looks more like a camera to me. If that’s not a camera, where’s the camera? That dot on the left?

    • Vostok

      LOL, the centre. Try zooming the picture. The camera is the dot on the left.

  • ActivesiN

    cant wait for this phone!

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

    The nexus 4 in Canada was only 10$ more than the US.

  • Dave

    Just put in the extra $20+tax

  • Sukhvir Gill

    …..Obv you don’t know what happened to us with the Nexus 4.

    • Matt Welke

      Nexus 4 was $10 more for each version. So the phone that was $349 in the US (16GB Nexus 4) was $359 for Canada. That’s a premium of 2.9%.

    • Sukhvir Gill

      I know, but the original poster also said 10$ but yo2boy disagreed.

  • James


    • KiwiBri

      I havent seen enough proof of that yet.. Looks like 4.2-4.3 to me.. did I miss a ton of screen shots or something?

      Oh, it would be nice to have something like the hand wave thing or wake up on tilt – so at night time, I can sleepily check the time without thinking too much about turning it fully on.

  • Mello kc

    $349 (maybe + $10 ’cause we a canadians:( )+ tax + 30$ for shipping.

    I would still buy it if 32gb is $409 (maybe + $10 ’cause we are canadian 🙁 )+ tax + 30$ for shipping.

    • rivard35

      nexus 7 was the same as US with free shipping…just saying…how does no one know this

    • Mello kc

      that’s why I said maybe.

      Is Nexus 5, Nexus 7? no? Do you work for Google? no? I thought so.
      No one knows till it’s officially out.

    • HatInTheRing

      I’m banking on the 32 being around $450 with taxes and shipping and that’s an awesome deal if you ask me.

      Never been so excited to spend $450.

    • MelchiahX

      I hear ya lol. We’re so spoiled with these first world problems. It’s sad really.

    • HatInTheRing

      Yeah, people who are complaining about these modest pricing speculation variances are ridiculous. If $10 is a deal breaker than you shouldn’t follow this blog or even own a phone because you obviously can’t afford your monthly bill.

      It’s not going to be less than $350. It’s not gonna be over $500. Isn’t that all that matters? It’s a wicked phone. It will be in the top few best phones for 2013. And the competition, like iPhone 5S is like $800. So I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re getting great value.

    • dav1dz

      I agree with your take on price variances of Nexus 5, but iPhone 5s is not $800.

    • KiwiBri

      I thinking I have been brainwashed with all the Note 3 hype recently. The screen etc. BUT if this screen is good and has a fast and GOOD camera with that fast focus, you’ve got my $$ google. Oh, and a video highlights app like I have on the HTC One would be just awesome google.

  • mcj108

    Is there even a need for a press conference or at this point? *walk on stage* “It’s on Google Play now, free kit kats in the lobby, kthx”

  • rivard35

    for those talking about increase for canadian pricing, don’t forget the nexus 7 on google play is the same as the US one. just saying

  • Jason Courage

    Oh not another LG build…I guess 80% of us will never see one.

    • MelchiahX

      The low stock of the nexus 4
      Was totally Google’s fault for not ordering enough from LG to meet the overwhelming demand. LG is more than capable of pushing out phones without issue. They’re MASSIVE as a tech company. I have a feeling Google will do much better this year than last year’s launch.

  • David Foggia

    I think I just wet myself in excitement. I’m so pumped

  • sk

    How about group buy for montreal too ?

    • Jean-Francois Bélanger

      I’m down for that

    • Guyana

      Im down for that!

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Meh, even if the Nexus 5 was priced at 399$ here in Canada…Its still a good deal for what this phone offers. I mean, obviously id rather pay less, but 400$ is definitely not a deal breaker.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    At this point I’m convinced that there’s no way these leaks are accidental.

    • Michael Bazdell

      I’ve been saying that since the first leak.

  • Omer Shukrullah

    So they did end up calling it the Nexus 5!

  • Coolio

    Just waiting for 4.4!! My Nexus 4 is ready to flash the factory images!

  • Mark C

    Mirin the price point. Not low enough to upgrade from an N4 though. If I had something a gen older I might’ve caved.

    • Zed

      It’s the same price as the N4 when it came out. I don’t think even Google can go lower than that.

    • Mark C

      True, just saying I can’t justify buying it when I have the N4 haha.

  • gab_gagnon

    I just want ANDROID 4.4!!!

  • DubbingHammer

    Well I can’t wait for this phone to come out. I did get 16 gig nexus 4 during the price cut but it was a replacement device for an antiquated HTC mytouch 4g that my parents owned. I hope I can get one on the launch day 🙂

    • Robert C

      Really? just toss that money.

  • Chris

    Canada pays a “premium” on most things… this shouldn’t be a shock. Whether it’s true or not, companies always say it costs more to ship/distribute products to Canada etc. Either way, I’m desperately looking forward to this phone and will be buying it day one… I still am rocking my Samsung Nexus S… Yes, you read that correctly.

    • hecktic

      Same here! lol

    • Chris

      Rocking the Nexus brand before it was cool…

    • Eluder

      Hah, my first Android was actually the Nexus One by HTC. It was a fantastic phone, oddly enough, I never had either of the Samsung Nexus phones, but I did have the Nexus 4 as well. And definitely going to pick up a Nexus 5.

  • Ricky Cheung

    LOL woops I see it now. I didn’t even realize there’s another circular dot on the left side.

  • Dennis Zhu

    uh, have to wait for another month to get the phone

  • Herbert Chong

    Stop the tease, please just take my money and ship me the phone.

  • Dize Odisu


    So I bought Note 3
    The best around!

    • Richard Wangly



    • BMSMA

      The Nexus line will never have microSD slot.

    • Ryan

      Why do you need an SD card with 32GB of storage, do people actually watch movies on their phones?

    • Robert C

      It’s nice to save money on onboard storage then get an cheap 16GB SD card to make up for it.

  • graze81

    As long as the camera is good and they’ve included some type of “burst mode” (for making G+ auto-awesome’s) I might get one.

  • Steve Rodrigue

    Shut up and take my money! 😀

  • Zed

    So basically the same price as last year’s 16gb model with a 50$, hopefully, extra for the 32gb version. I could live with 32gb 🙂

    • Steve Rodrigue

      I can live with the 16Gb version. I never run out of space on my Nexus 4 16Gb. But, I must admit, I have a secret: cloud services/syncing and 6Gb/month. The money I save on internal storage in my devices, I spend it on data plan, which IMO is the way to go!

      So any of your mobile devices benefits from this extra (directly or via tethering). Local storage is a waste for all the other devices.

    • Zed

      I have 10gb of data and I often go over 6-7 of them. I still want my storage space on the phone. 16gb in this day and age is silly considering how low prices are for flash storage

    • Steve Rodrigue

      What is silly, is not 16gb of internal storage, it’s the hefty tag price of upgrading to 32gb or 64gb for most devices.

      The upgrade should not cost 100$ from 16 to 32. At least the Nexus 5 32gb will probably cost 399$ (based on other Nexus products).

      I may even get the 32gb, but I would not regret buying a 16gb.

    • RoboBonobo

      Rumor suggests the 32GB version comes with bigger battery, so it could still be worth the little extra money even if you don’t really need need need the extra storage.

  • Ali F.

    will wait for 4.4, flash it on N4 then wait few months and buy N5 for $250 as I did with N4 16GB which I bought BNIB for $180!!!. That is my plan.


    $349? that’s a killer price.

  • David Lemelin

    was be really nice to have the same price than US and free shipping like the Nexus 7

  • HatInTheRing

    I’ve never ordered from Google Play.

    How long did the shipping of your N4 take?
    Did it hit Google Play the day of the announcement?
    What time of day was it?

    I wanna make sure it doesn’t sell out before I nab one so if I have to set my alarm early (I’m out West), then I will..

    • HatInTheRing

      Nope. I don’t line up. I won’t be going to a store at all. I just want to plot out my login so I can get in on the first batch.

      What stores sell it? Best Buy or something?

  • Elijah Gonzales

    Yessss “google google”

  • BizarroFon

    Terrible tagline, but they sound incredibly optimistic about the camera performance. That’s pretty exciting. If the 32/3000mah rumour is true as well, Google wins the day. This will be amazing.

  • MrEeeaddict

    we pay more because of higher minimum wage/taxes and shipping since it all has to go through usa anyways

    • MrEeeaddict

      HOW? maybe if its like double but $20 more is easily just taxes and canada post costs

  • Robert C

    The price for memory makes no sense to me. A micro SD of comparable size is a fraction of the cost. I assume they only make the prices so high because people will buy it all anyway and they make a killing.

    On that line, how much does it cost to make an expandable memory port? I know they’re cutting costs, but I can’t imagine it’s that much.

    • SkAshe

      Don’t forget that NAND memory is way more expensive than SD memory BUT 50$ for 8gb is still way too expensive.

  • Justin

    what a piece. its no Z30

  • themodfather

    Uh, there’s magically such a thing as an exchange rate and international shipping to Canada magically costs slightly more

    • Matt

      He’s on the right track but is misinformed about where the extra costs come from. Most of is is extra tariffs imposed by the federal government just to get a product across the border. The fact that we get ANYTHING near par is astounding in its own right.

  • villain

    back is fugly BUT honestly most people use some sort of case anyway sooo who cares lol

  • karthick raja

    hi friends any one using nexus 5 16gb storage..can any user tell me the user available memory of 16gb mobile