Samsung Galaxy Gear now up for pre-order in Canada, costs $300


  • synec

    Too much money, too little battery.

    • d a

      Idiotic price for a redundant product. It doesn’t replace anything. I already have a phone. My price point for considering something like this is about $50. This is a test. They want to see how stupid we are. I hope they find out in short order that Samsung/android fans are not the same as Apple fans.

    • bigshynepo

      Not to mention it only works with like 2 samsung phones. Stupid product.
      Maybe i’ll spend my $300 dollars on one of those fancy wi-fi Sony lenses that attach to any smart phone, they certainly look innovative for the next vacation.

    • Todd Clayton

      I was all set to buy one, even at that price, but when the battery life was announced my interest plummeted to zero.

  • Fate_tw

    Seriously, is there anyone that thinks this is worth anywhere near $300? Wow.

  • TK

    No thanks

  • dizz

    Oh hell no!

  • howitzerr

    Someone has to buy this so i can have a good laugh

  • FKnm

    Remove camera, increase battery for 2 days, at least and make it 100$ and I will take it.

  • Jared S

    So Samsung knows Apple is delaying their watch as it knows it still needs work, and does not last much longer than a day, and they rush this crap out at $299?? Ugh. May as well wait for the next pebble and the iWatch to come out and compare the next gen of wearable tech in 2014.

  • radapple

    Ya, Hotwatch or Pebble are two better alternatives considering the price point.

  • fates

    Rarely pays to be an early adopter…

  • Paul Herceg

    No thanks!

  • jellmoo

    Let me get this straight. I can pre-order an overly priced item of questionable value, that at launch only works with one other specific niche item, available the same day? And for this, I get a watch that I have to charge every day, but I get to do a small number of tasks on a small low-res screen, right after I purposely shelled out a ton of money for the companion piece that has a very large, high-res screen.

    But wait, I also get to choose from over 70 apps… despite the fact that the companion item I had to buy to use this in the first place, has over a million available apps.

    Better line up fast people, this one sure looks like a winner.

    • bigshynepo

      You should write op-ed pieces for mobile syrup, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      To: Tech Giants

      Please release a proper wearable smart-watch that doesn’t require a specific smartphone to work.

      Sincerely: Everyone

    • WatDah

      Why would any of the tech giants make a product that could directly benefit a competitor to the software level? Let alone the fact that a smart watch is not a practical item, but more of a luxury item.

    • realitycheck

      ask google why they have their products on ios

    • HelloCDN

      Because they can collect data on more people. Google really doesn’t give a crap about who uses the service, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or whatever. As long as they can get more data that they can sell.

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, the Sony Smartwatch can be used with just about any Android handset, not just Sony ones.

      Not that I’d suggest that the Sony one is any better, just mentioning.

    • WatDah

      Good point, but that’s because Sony is desperate to get more attention and sales to their products compare to others.

    • jellmoo

      Oh, for sure. But, I think that will be true for any Android manufacturer not named Samsung.

  • Peter B

    They should release it on April fools :-/

  • Jeeho Lim

    I don’t think the price is the issue. People pay well over $300 for a nice watch these days, it’s just that the features and the short battery life makes it pretty useless.

  • nig gie

    wait for the DealExtreme version for $20 shipped

    • d a

      Aready there for about $40 I believe.

  • mad

    1 day battery for a watch.. that’s useless..

  • PT

    Pre order? $300 ?
    Samsung getting stupid or what? LOL!

  • Stevert

    I’ll save my 300 for a better phone next year. Samsung just went full r****d(Apple)

  • FiveOD

    Smart watches are stupid this is stupid

  • Les Blumhagen

    I am surprised that there has been no commentary on the Omate Truesmart Smartwatch that just achieved full subscription on Kickstarter. It seems like a more complete unit then some of the others.

  • Scott Belbin

    man sure i pre-ordered the meteor watch on indigogo and that only cost $120 and it works for all op systems!


    Hmm, I was expecting more, my solar powered watch costed about $300.

    Is there even a demand for smart watches?

  • mike simpsion

    this thing sucks

  • devon

    90% don’t even wear watches so this product isn’t for you, if you’ve paid over 299 for a watch you’re probably not going to think its that expensive. I’m really looking forward to this watch, the design looks nice.

    • BMSMA

      I was gifted a $2500 watch from work for my performance, I donated it to the kidney foundation. I’m happy with my $300 watch (merely $1 over your statement).

      Still, I was expecting it to be more expensive than $300, then again if it was 10 years ago it would’ve easily been $900.

    • d a

      If you can afford to GIVE away a $2500 watch to a north American charity racket then you aren’t exactly the litmus test Samsung would be using to determine if the price point was right. LOL

    • BMSMA


  • Mindmeld

    You have to be pretty dumb to buy this smartwatch.

  • HelloCDN

    That’s what happens when Samsung cannot copy someone to make a product. It took them almost 3 years to make a comparable phone to iPhone, so you’d be pretty stupid to buy this smartwatch right now.

    • Mike Simpson


  • BB BB

    Outright? Who buys watches on a contract?

  • BB BB

    Funny how people complain about the price when if this was the iWatch for $319 they wouldn’t complain and line up for it.

  • Larry Arnason

    I like the idea of the watch however my work consists of talking on the phone and I do a lot of driving. When I am driving, my phone is connected to my Ford Sync system. How is Samsung going to get around this. I have a headset I use in my office and it is able to connect to two devices at the same time so I know it is possible. Why cant I connect two devices to my Galaxy S4? I would not want to have to keep switching manually.

  • Patrick

    Futureshop and Bestbuy just increased the price to $329.99