Update: TELUS and Rogers to release Android 4.3 update for HTC One in late September, early October


  • silver_arrow

    Frankly with them saying any day now they probably mean any day now. Not “Ohh a month away”

    • Balls O’Steele

      Should have got a Nexus 4.

    • hi

      US doesn’t have it. No news from US either. About 10 days left – could be on the last day like BBM “late summer” and then it’d be all buggy since the had to meet deadline.

    • silver_arrow

      I did.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Boss. Just picked one up off eBay, looking forward to giving it a throw. Sadly, not that uber sexy black version however…

    • Xia Zhu

      I actually have that Uber Sexy Black version =)

      Currently running Android Revolution HD 4.2 Sense ROM however…

  • driftnut56

    I used to wait for the updates to come “any day now”. I don’t anymore. Sorry Google. You lost me.

    • Lazardus

      Right.. it’s Google that release updates for OEMs..

    • driftnut56

      I know that they don’t but they could enforce a timeline for getting updates out there rather than allowing the manufacturers to lollygag around f’ing the dog all the time. In the end Google made the OS and it’s starting to look bad for them. People don’t associate the OS with HTC or Samsung like nerds do. When the guy at Rogers is selling the phone he says “here, try this latest phone, it runs Google software.” I know better but a good portion of the population buying these phones doesn’t know that. That’s why I say “Google. You lost me.” instead of HTC lost me or Samsung lost me. Google is making a great OS but only the people with Nexus devices or the ability to root and modify have the latest and greatest from Google and frankly, rooting gets old.

    • Pier-Alexandre

      Instead of complaining about google, you have choices, play edition phones, nexus phones.

    • Lazardus

      Android is open, that’s why they have so many manufacturers out there with their own spin on the OS. You have a choice, that is what Android is all about! Buy Nexus if you want the latest and greatest Android version otherwise don’t complain about updates from OEMs like it’s Google’s fault. It takes time to add their updated skins on top of stock Android. Also don’t forget carriers also take a while to push out the updates.

      OEMs should figure out a way to push their “skins” on top of stock Android.

    • FiveOD

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. The general public has no idea what Android is, they call that strange non-iPhone device “the Samsung” or “the Galaxy”

    • Yulet

      What does this have to do with Google? It’s HTC

    • gommer strike

      Big fail bro. It’s HTC, not Google.

    • hi

      And google is not at fault for releasing 4.3 and 4.4 (soon) during same year? When did 4.2 come out?

    • Lazardus

      This comment doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. 4.3 was more optimizing Jellybean anyway. Most manufacturers will skip it. If Google wants to update their OS every week and add more functionality all power to them. Don’t like it? Go buy something else.

    • hi

      And you make sense? If 4.3 was to be skipped, HTC one should’ve given us 4.2.2 instead of making us wait for months. Next they could do was give 4.4.

      Optimization is 4.2.3. 4.2.4. That’s optimization as not much code is changed.

      If someone buy something all the fandroids start crying oooooh s3 is so good, you got ripped etc.

      If people don’t like how close source apple is, they buy other things? Don’t like the police of your country, go somewhere else? So you can’t voice opinion now?

    • Lazardus

      Manufacturers are using Google’s OS. Logistically if it takes too long to update from 4.2.2 to 4.3 they’re not going to bother when 4.4 is about to be released. This should be on the Manufacturer’s decision too not heavily skin their OS so it takes forever to be pushed out, then you gotta factor in the carriers time have to push it out afterwards.

      Nexus line solves all these issues. Otherwise your other option is to root and install custom roms but most people are too scared to do that even though it’s pretty next to impossible to brick the new phones.

      Anyway all these things are first world problems but whatever floats your boat.

  • Yulet

    Meanwhile Samsung is sleeping. I guess they don’t care any more since they have the highest market share? Well, it won’t last long if they keep doing like this.

    • southerndinner

      Actually they announced it for S3, Note II and S4 to add compatibility with their smart watch. Nice reading bro, Samsung is easily the best OEM right now for updates.

    • Yulet

      My Galaxy Note 2 is stuck on Android 4.1.2, who’s even buying that stupid watch?

    • southerndinner

      Your point is moot, the Note 2 is getting 4.3 regardless.

    • Yulet

      Yeah when 4.4 is out, we’ll get 4.3 :))

    • Tony Sarju

      Yes, no OEM’s will have access to the next version of OS until Google launches it. The Nexus family of devices will always have the next version of Android first and the OEM’s will have to work to integrate their customizations in, test, get carrier certifications and then launch.

  • bembol

    It got to the point where I just don’t care anymore, if it comes great.

    I completely forgot about the $25 Google play rebate. I got a surprise e-mail from them that they haven’t forgotten and they just need more codes(?).

    With android, you have to…

    Accept it (stock).
    Be Patient (upgrades).
    Look for Alternatives (launchers, widgets).
    Learn how to Root.


    Actually it’s usually Telus that holds them back, I remember the Moto Milestone and HTC Desire (WWE Froyo update was available on HTC site but Telus didn’t update until nearly a year later), other carriers such as in the US got updates and 5-6 months later they hit Telus devices, same went with my last device the LG Optimus LTE, took almost a year for ICS to come for that when the Nitro HD varient (same thing) got theirs within 3 months of ICS release. Google updates the Nexus series pretty fast.

    • southerndinner

      It’s HTC this time

  • 01011001001

    So any day now for it as well for the Rogers version. I’m not gonna hold my breath for that ….

  • southerndinner

    I’ll be surprised if HTC is still around that long!

  • Hungrier

    They said late September, but didn’t mention the year. With Telus’ update history, this may be important.

  • FYLegend21

    And what about Telus’ HTC One X+? The rest of the world already got Android 4.2/Sense 5 since August…

    Not blaming HTC themselves, but AT&T and Telus are still stuck on 4.1 and both companies have discontinued the device. We only got one minor OTA update back in April… HTC stores in Taiwan have also shelved the device (they still have them though), but at least they gave them an update.

    Couldn’t resist and bought an HTC Butterfly s in Taiwan…

  • DratBrat

    So the One X really is a forgotten device?
    Just 18m old.
    I’ve known kids that breastfeed longer than this.

  • zms-235@hotmail.com

    Where are you hiding, Bell?? Release the update as well!

    That rhymed 😉

  • Kamalesh

    Bell HTC One Update live now. 4.3

  • Ian Gillis

    so we got 4.3…and 4.4 just is coming out…remember the propoganda campaign where Rogers/Telus didn’t want a big american company coming in to Canada? Well let them come..I want my damn Android updates sooner then they become obselete