Images: BlackBerry ‘Americano’ C-Series smartphone leaks online


  • Curtis K Louis

    Sure!! Just want bbm on my s4..

    • Dave Grant

      Seriously? I know about 2 people who have blackberries and they aren’t people I communicate electronically with often/ever. If I do ever need to, SMS will be fine.

      For everyone else: Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc. I’m not going to install BBM on my
      Android/iOS, and I’d be surprised if many will. I expect BBM will remain something used between blackberry users – which is to say, it’s not going to be around much longer.

    • AReid

      Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a better messaging system? BBM kills all other messaging systems, I can’t wait to get it later today.

    • caanda45

      Explain why??? Just do not see it.

    • Fawoo

      Explain why you started using hangouts/whatsapp in the first place, and apply it to using BBM.

      All that’s missing from BBM’s announcements is a BBM Win/Mac app.

    • Dave Grant

      I started using hangouts/whatsapp because I wanted to screw Rogers by using a free alternative to SMS. There were few other options at the time.

      Today, everyone I communicate electronically with on a regular basis uses hangouts/whatsapp, so I’m no longer in the position I was in before. To switch to BBM means I need to go through the same painful process AGAIN of urging all my friends to install it, set their accounts up, add me, etc.


      a) there is some MAJOR advantage to BBM (there’s not – feature for feature it appears more or less the same or worse than what I’m currently using), or

      b) my stock broker calls me up and regrets to inform me that he FORGOT to sell my RIM stock 3 years ago when I asked him to and it’s now sinking my portfolio

      then I’m not going through the hassle of trying to convert myself or others. The status quo is just fine.

      Oh, and that Win/Mac feature that you mention BBM is missing? Hangouts has that already FYI.

    • Fawoo

      LOL @ option B. Love it.

      Also hangouts is awful. I know all but one person who uses it and hes an avid google user. Everyone else is using whatsapp, so if anything whatsapp (and Skype) is the platforms BBM would have to target.

      I agree with your points though, the toughest task set ahead is actually getting users to convert to BBM. Once that is done the battle is mostly won.

    • BB BB

      Glad you like hangouts which is better than I message to say the least. And WhatsApp but I still prefer bbm and it’s instantaneous notifications, bbm video and screen share are slick too so now that I can use this with my customers this is a great tool as an IT guy

    • Dave Grant

      Would be interested to compare the speed between hangouts and BBM. Hangouts is fast enough that I’d call it “instant” (though technically speaking nothing can be instant)

    • BB BB

      There will be plenty of time to compare. I just like having the R for read and D for delivered. In hangouts the avatar sinks to the bottom when it’s read and its not as quick as bbm in my observation between using both services.

    • Dave Grant

      It kills other messaging systems? Screen sharing is about the only unique feature to BBM if I understand correctly.

      For BBM to get mass adoption they need one of the following incentives:
      1) A large initial user base
      2) Features that are important to users: unique to BBM and/or superior to other messaging apps.

      They have neither. To add to this, the recent bleak news about Blackberry’s future is likely to act as a disincentive for people from investing time in downloading, learning a new app, recommending that their friends install it, etc, etc. It’s herd mentality.

      Like BB phones, BBM was ahead of its time several years ago, and if they’d made this move back then they’d be in a good spot now. This is just too little too late.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      It does kill Whatsapp in reliability, consistancy and speed. Tho most people don’t seem to care about these things for whatever reason.

    • 01011001001

      Better question is why do people still use blackberries and make use of better technologies?

  • Quantos

    But does it fly?


  • skullan

    That rug is so ugly…

  • Tingler


  • Guest

    To be released: NEVER. ha ha!

  • AReid

    Looks like a old HTC Desire Z.

  • Guest

    To be released NEVER! Ha Ha!

  • ARCE

    weird resemblance to the Huawei phones…no?

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Some Huawai phones are actually very very nice looking now.

  • Sequoia46.2

    For a 4.2 inch screen, that bottom bezel makes this phone way bigger than it needs to be.

    • Dimitri

      Its for gesture purposes. Has this not been explained before?

    • Sequoia46.2

      I know that, it’s just one big reason why I’d never get this phone. I like compact phones.

  • John

    stop making these junks and stick to 1 – 2 phones a year

    if you have money to blow like this go polish your OS more… sigh
    feel sorry for the employees who will lose their job soon

    • Stephen_81

      you think the Hardware Engineers are the same Engineers who make the OS?
      Come on!!
      BlackBerry10.2 is actually very polished it really is a shame the US public was never able to get over the lack of apps and give it a shot.

      Lack of Apps is really the only bad thing you can say about BlackBerry 10.1 and 10.2, (some Android users could argue lack of widgets too)

    • Dave Grant

      Sort of like saying lack of wheels is the only bad thing about a failing car company’s car. We’re not talking about interior styling here, Apps are a critical component.

      If people only cared about the core OS, then the original Blackberry phones that make calls and send emails perfectly well would still be successful.

  • Rich

    Sigh… I want BB to succeed, but my god they are so out of touch with the consumer.

  • Advisor

    blackberry doesn’t get it nor will they ever. they keep making junk hardware or hardware that nobody cares about – get more apps on your platform and continue to refine your OS. STOP with the e-waste!!!!!!!!

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      The hardware isn’t the problem with them.

    • DickGozinya

      Uhh, yeah it is. Accounting for a good third of the “problems”.

  • TheFloppyBeaver

    I’m really not digging the current hardware design philosophy. The Z10 looks good (if it had much thinner bezels) and so does the Q10, but the Z30, Q5 and this just looks so plain and nondescript.

    The OS is solid, but the app gap and app quality needs to improve. Who the hell knows what’s going to happen now that they’re going to focus on the “prosumer” market, whatever the heck that means…

  • EvanKrosney

    So… it’s a Z10 in a new casing? Did BBRY just pull an Apple?

    • Tadooh

      BBQ can’t pull anything except chicken wings out of the BBQ. Comon now.

  • 01011001001

    I’m sure someone has already said it but if not – that’s one fugly phone.

    • Tadooh

      Not to mention its horrendous model name. The americano??? Really? Like that won’t piss off the people that live the the largest mobile market in the world. Lol.

    • Tony Sarju

      It’s just an internal code name. It won’t be the launch name.

  • BB BB

    Don’t ruin the name of my coffee with this