Google is sold out of the Nexus 4 in Canada


  • dernbiebs

    Aw shucks

  • Travis Darling

    Amazing how this happens right after Apple’s terrible Iphone announcement yesterday.
    Bring on Motorola Nexus 5! My only issue with the Nexus 4 seems to be battery life with bluetooth on, so a bigger battery would be great!

    • JTon

      If the leaks are accurate it’s another LG

    • Bri

      I hope it’s not LG.. I don’t like my experience with N4. I love the hardware but there are too many frauds in terms of software. Signal issue, battery life, connectivity issue (bluetooth and wifi). But I shouldn’t be complaining because of its price. I’d like to see Motorola making a Nexus.

    • mark

      The software has nothing to do with Lg.. The only thing Lg did was build the phone…

    • pat

      Why would you think you should be happy with low quality of product because of price. Products should be performing not based on price. You say overpriced especially newest iPhone is right way to do it. Price should not be driving factor of lousy quality. I am looking forward to nexus 5 and other phones to give overpriced apple heck of competition. People look at Apple as US company but it is all China made!!! Then they suck all blood of customers to pay for their overpriced product.

  • djorourke

    The Nexus 4 was a great deal at original price. No surprise that they liquidated quickly at the reduced price.

    While I look forward to seeing the Nexus 5 or Nexus 4 (2013), it will take some convincing for me to let go of my Nexus 4. Such a great phone.

    • HeyYoWL

      I’d trade up for a longer lasting battery and more storage (preferably with an SD card option). A better camera would be nice too but it’s those 2 things that are my biggest gripes with the phone.

    • badtaco

      Nexus devices will never get external memory support. You should put that dream to rest, as Google has made it very clear.

    • HeyYoWL

      I’m not saying I expect them to add in, I just mean I would trade up for those features

    • gomez

      why is google so against external memory support, thats a very important feature for many nowadays

    • badtaco

      Ask apple and you’ll know why Google is following their lead.

    • Not_from_around_here

      The cloud baby. It’s all about the cloud. Offer your users a small amount of free cloud storage and then milk that cash cow when they need more space.


    I thing that still confuses me is why they are shipped from Kentucky, it seems as though it would be easier from a customs perspective to ship from Canada.

    • alphs22

      I think they’re still ironing out their logistics. Google is pretty new at selling devices directly through their Play Store.

      Hopefully they improve significantly in the next few months to launch the Nexus 4 successor. Remember the Nexus 4 launch debacle?

    • JTon

      Yes! I do remember that debacle. I remember reading on some US tech sites that Google outsourced the logistics and delivery. I believe it was FedEX or UPS that did it for them? Regardless, I believe the real problem was lack of inventory from LG


      It’s outsources to UPS. Return address on my N4 box:

      UPS-SGS GA
      BLDG 1 DOCK DOOR 54
      2200 OUTER LOOP
      LOUISVILLE KY 40219

    • Ethan B

      They use UPS World Ease which allows large blocks of shipments to clear customs as a whole, expediting the process. While I, like most Canadians, despise UPS for their brokerage fees, as long as taxes are taken care of at purchase (which they are here) it works well enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually easier to have one warehouse in the US and ship to all of NA from there, especially if it’s located at a major hub. The major couriers are getting better at shipping to Canada with the increase of internet purchasing and it’s starting to become cheaper to ship across the border than it is to ship within Canada.

  • Jonathan G.

    Well I was kinda debating on getting this phone recently I just couldnt bring myself though to pull the trigger on it since the Nexus 5 is soon around the corner. But now that it sold out, I guess my next phone will be the Nexus 5 or perhaps the Moto X if I dont like how the Nexus 5 looks.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Moto X is a great device.

    • Jonathan G.

      Yeah I know but im sure the Nexus 5 will be awesome too.

    • pat

      Mediocre device Moto X is well over priced.For what it offers it should be much less.

  • TP

    such a great phone for the price.
    I know N5 is around the corner, but I believe it will still be 3 months until I have the phone in my hands unless I am super lucky.
    Sure it will be bigger screen, more powerful, have 1-2 extra features not available in N4’s 4.4, but I do not see any advantage for an average user to wait for 3 more months (which is quite a long time considering the less-than-1-year life span of Nexus lineups) and likely will end up paying quite more.

    • Jesse

      the Nexus4 had a terrible Camera, no LTE, and overheating woes due to the processor… having said that, a great phone (made even better by the lower then normal price for this kinda build) but if the Nexus 5 can fix those three major issues i have? i’m sold on the quality already, and even if the price is more then the Nexus4 was… it’ll be a couple hundred bucks less then an iPhone 5S… i cannot wait… very excited for this phone

    • andy c

      I have owned this phone for 9 months

      Terrible camera?

      LTE? If you are in Canada LTE is great on this

      Overheating? A bit warm sometimes but would not consider it overheating

    • Jesse

      The phone is well known to overheat and shut down because of it. The camera is horrid compared to any other mid tier phone… And the nexus 4 isn’t LTE capable so it can’t surf at LTE speeds now can it? It’s always been an HSPA+ phone

    • fhdhd

      I’ve had mine for about 9 months also and not had overheating issues. It has got warm a couple times but I also wouldn’t consider it overheating. Camera isn’t great but is far from horrid. I take 90% of my photos in HDR which provides much better quality pics. I dont care much about picture quality. I too have LTE running 4.3 with a hybrid .33 baseband and I’ve got up to 50Mbps down and 25Mbps up.

    • andy c

      Google “nexus4 LTE Canada” It was widely reported and is the main reason I bought a Nexus 4

    • TP

      1. Camera is not great, but it is decent for a $200 phone.
      2. LTE is supported. Not officially, but it still is.
      3. Have had mine (I bought my wife’s recently) since December, never had any issue with overheating. Not sure if you have actually owned one.
      4. No one guarantees the next Nexus will fix those issues (Camera has not been much improved since Nexus One, for example).

      People who definitely want to wait for Nexus 5, sure, it will be a better phone than Nexus 4, but Nexus 4 has been fantastic and price is great.

  • Time

    I think the Nexus 4 did/is doing well as most consumers have come to a point where they realise that trying to keep up with some of these flashy other options is futile as the next one shall always be “better”. Thing about the Nexus 4 is that it offers great features for the everyday user at an even better price. I got mine recently for free on Virgin and am truly impressed by it.

    But ofcourse there shall always be those with more disposable income than this mere college student that will try and keep up with the Jones’ and get the next S this or I that but if you really think about it, no one these days even cares what phone you have and they all now pretty much do and have all the exact same features but its just they are marketed far more differently.

  • JackGreen83

    Google really needs to get their retail troubles sorted out. They don’t take it seriously enough. Are they really going to have no smartphones for sale for the next 3-4 months? What happens if people need replacements before the new device comes out in December/Jan (which has been the historical norm)?

    Would any other retail business try and clear out their inventory this prematurely?


      Maybe they’re bumping up the replacement earlier to get more Christmas sales.

    • JackGreen83

      Even if they were to announce the phone this month, what are the chances we could buy it before November anyway? The LTE version of the new Nexus 7 was announced on July 24, yet we still can’t buy it.

      Meanwhile, Apple announces a new phone on September 10th saying it will in stores 8 days later, and you can guarantee that it will be, even in Canada.

    • Jesse

      yeah but remember the 3G and 3GS retail woes? Apple got better at releasing products, and has had more practice… Google will hit this one out of the park, i’m betting a late september announcment and a mid to late october release

    • Salinger

      Agreed. They also need to get their retail supply and distribution sorted out. The N4 sale was a disaster for months. Trying to deal with the website was more like a lottery than a purchase.

      Sure, the shortages made have built up a small amount of hype surrounding the phone, but I’d say it engendered more bad will and frustration. Even now, when someone asks what phone I have, and I say a Nexus 4, most don’t have a clue what that is. So the hype was definitely minimal except among phone geeks. 🙂

  • SP_Fever

    Google, shut up and take my money!

  • gabby ybanez

    glad i picked one up when i had the chance!

  • Amparipaa

    this just in: all nexus owners since the galaxy nexus are communists!

  • Rahul J

    Did the Samsung Galaxy Nexus get the 4.3 update in Canada? Mine is with Wind and I when I search for updates it says there is no update.

    • Magjee


    • Rahul J

      Why can’t I see the update then?

    • Rahul J

      It says the system is up to date, but when I check its still running 4.2

    • gabby ybanez

      If you got it from Wind, then I’d say it’s the carrier that’s holding back the update. My sister got hers from Virgin and had to wait a while before she got her update.

    • nnm

      No it didn’t. Only the yakju/takju variants got 4.3 so far. You would have the Canadian yakjuux variant. It could take weeks or months. But it is rather easy to convert to yakju yourself. The radio will still work fine on Canadian carriers.

    • Rahul J

      I dont know what those are cause im new to android and alll that kind of stuff

    • TP

      In other words, only the pure US version (takju / yakju) receives the update straight from Google.
      Canadian versions (yakjuux) depend on the carrier approval, which probably Wind Mobile never cared about.
      Do some search for 30 minutes and flash the software to the pure US version, it will still work/look/feel identical to the Canadian version you have been using.

    • Rahul J

      How would I flash it? Again i’m new to this stuff

    • MickR

      Try hook up to wifi first, or enable update through 3G.
      I got update notice when I turn on the phone first time and connected to home wifi router.

    • Rahul J

      Its hooked up to the wifi already, but it doesnt show the update

    • Vineet Sharma

      Go to XDA developer website and search “How to convert Yakjuxx to Yakju” and follow the instructions carefully. You could brick your phone if you dont follow the procedure so be very careful. I was also new to flashing and all but I manged to convert it to Yakju, I bought my device from Mobilicity and it was Yakjuxx but now after converting, i get updates as soon as Google releases for Nexus devices. Good Luck!!
      To find out buid of your phone, go to Google Maps (Its weired, but true) >Settings>About Phone.
      Build Types:

      TAKJU = If you have a GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store in the U.S.
      YAKJU = GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store internationally.
      (Both TAKJU and YAKJU are updated straight from Google and are the versions getting the OTA right now.)
      YAKJU** (two prefixes) = GSM international version from Samsung
      MANGURO = Verizion
      TORO = Sprint
      Hope This will help

  • Jesse

    LTE, Better Battery, Bigger screen, and better camera & Processor? count me in!!! they solved every issue (Potentially) i had with the N4…. I WANT

  • Skippypaccino

    I was hoping Sony would be building the new Nexus…especially after seeing the Z1…Wow!

  • Kyouya

    The only problem with the Nexus 4 was the battery life and lack of enabling LTE. I’ve own this phone for about 3 months and it has been terrific. I am just not a fan of phones that are 5 inches or bigger. It just doesn’t feel like a phone to me. I’m sure it accommodates well to people who have much bigger hands than I. I like the glass feel on the back (haven’t dropped my phone and hopes to remain that way). As someone pointed out earlier, I do wish it was protected with Gorilla Glass in the back. The smartphone market is being fully saturated right now. Apple fail to impress a lot of people. It is up to Google to take advantage or fall behind.

    • Matthew Parsons

      For battery life try deep sleep battery saver. It works wonders on my Nexus 4.

    • Kyouya

      Thanks. I will check it out.

  • William Worlde

    Procrastination can be a good thing!

    I got my GNex just before this phone was released. I contemplated buying it at the new sale price and though I like one salient feature of this device (the disco glass back), I can’t say that I ever “fell in love” with it.

    I hope that Google finds a way to better utilize its RAM. 2GB may sound like plenty, but not really for more demanding apps. On my GNex, almost 1/3 of its 1GB is missing right out the box! Huh?! Quite a bit was used too on the N4. How can other Android devices, with their bloatware, have more RAM available? Doesn’t make sense.

    So, even though my GNex is less than a year, if the N5 comes in at last year’s price, I may just buy something I really don’t need. It’s gotta be really impresive though because I gotta say, I do really love my GNex!

    • Matthew Parsons

      Gnex is and always will be a great phone.

  • Robin

    Good thing I ordered mine on Friday, then!

  • Amparipaa

    who knew that even google couldn’t afford to sell the nexus line at a loss… you know, google! the company that practically milks money by selling your personal information and running an advertising company. it’d be like if an advertising agency bought out LG and sold the G2 at a loss (say $300, probably cost $350-375 to make) and slapped ads onto the lock-screen, notification bar, wallpaper, and as your ringtone, and locked the bootloader unless you paid them, say, $100 to buy out the rest of the device (hey, it could be like a rental, and the phone be the property of the ad firm until the balance is paid).

    • Julis

      lol give it a rest

    • J-Ro

      Selling at a loss does not mean selling below cost. at a loss simply means that it is sold well below the MSRP. The only likely cost them anywhere from $80 to $160 to make. No company will sell something for less than it cost to make. That is shareholder kyrptonite.

    • Amparipaa

      actually, the nexus phones are sold below cost… thought “at a loss” was the same thing, as in you were losing money for each sale (as in, for a phone that costs $251 to make, like the nexus 4, you’d need to sell it at $251 just to break even), so selling it at $199 is a $51 loss. see what i’m trying to get across?

    • J-Ro

      No, I don’t understand. The terms “at a loss” and “below manufactured cost” mean two different things to me and I have only ever heard the former being mentioned in regards to this phone’s price.

    • Amparipaa

      hey, the HP Touchpad was sold “at a loss” (during the fire sale due to daft business decisions, thinking the things were leeches unto the company, the full price probably generated a healthy profit) as in sold for $99 at a time where they were probably made for $250-300

    • J-Ro


  • Driverd135

    I really enjoy mine it is a lifeline and so powerful

  • Drew

    will we (here in canada) be getting any more 16gb nexus 4’s or are they too, gone for good?

    • Matthew Parsons

      More than likely not.

  • Jason Russell

    I just got my nexus 4 today , I guess I was lucky to have gotten it from telus .

  • Matthew Parsons

    My Nexus 4 16gb just arrived in the mail via UPS last Thursday and now they are sold out… Wow. That was quick!! I consider myself to be lucky to get one at that price. I was rocking a Galaxy Nexus before but this is something else.

  • James Lan

    I bot a nexus 4 16G a few days ago at the discount price, I have to say it is really a great phone. Still can’t believe I get it at this price level…..

  • Anaron

    It’s a great phone and it’s unfortunate that some people were on the fence about it. It’s highly unlikely that Google will restock the 8 or 16GB models so we’ll have to wait for the Nexus 5. Hopefully, that phone will be released before the end of the year.