Amber update now available for Rogers Nokia Lumia 920


  • Rick City

    Any word on Rogers (or anyone else in Canada, for that matter) getting the Lumia 1020?

    • Sanjay Kumar

      May be in end of third quarter or in fourth.
      But I doubt it. Since every Nokia phones which come to Canada is through a carrier or carriers.
      So you have to request your carrier for it.

    • hunkyleepickle

      Word from the Microsoft pop up store employees is,October or November. Its amazing to me that Rogers, proclaiming to be the WP exclusive partner, skipped the 925/8 completely, and have dragged their feet terribly on the 1020.

    • saqrkh

      To be fair the Lumia 925 and 928 are essentially the same as the Lumia 920; same specs, slight differences in camera, screen, etc. Given that Windows Phone isn’t exactly a huge hit in the market I am not surprised that Rogers is keeping it normal (a high-end L920 and low-end L520).

      That said, I am surprised that Bell hasn’t picked up the 925, it’d be a great way to retain their existing WP user base.

    • Mike366

      but they are lighter and thinner

    • robinottawa

      Isn’t 928 only for a US carrier. 925 is thinner (no wireless charging pad built in) and has extra lens but otherwise same. Market too small for Rogers to carry 2?

    • Cormang

      Bell Mobility has said they won’t deal with Nokia. It’s a shame.

    • robinottawa

      Wait, what? Why?

  • gwydionjhr

    Data Sense too!

  • saqrkh

    I just got it: It has the following.

    1. DataSense
    2. Call/SMS blocking
    3. Can now use Nokia ProCam, SmartCam, etc.

    • Mike366

      check music+audio. You can now enjoy FM with headphone

    • Cormang

      Flip to silence, glance screen, double tap to wake, new sounds, updated bluetooth, better camera, data sense, call/sms blocking, new camera apps. They call this a “minor update” but yet it has more features than some of the iOS updates I received over the years 🙂

    • saqrkh

      Has anyone updated their apps on WP to work with Bluetooth LE? Does anyone have a Fitbit Flex, and post-Amber/GDR2, is it working well?

  • Toron James

    Checking right now.