Amber update coming soon to Rogers Lumia 920, in testing for Lumia 520 and 620


  • Toron James


  • JB

    Honest to god. I havent seen 1 WP8 phone where I live, and I take major transit everyday to a major canadian city. Not one.

    • Ballack

      So what?

    • saqrkh

      I see a few everyday at Dundas Square, usually Lumia 920s of various colours.

    • taz

      two of my family members have it and i see a lot of them at school and on transit.. even i have one on the side.. i find it very productive way less distracting than android with its endless possibilities and social networks.. thats why i use it at school when i dont wanna get distracted and leave my HTC ONE at home haha but thats just my situation..

    • Jonah Emery

      In Fredericton the only person I have ever seen use a Windows Phone is me. lol. Whatever. I like how efficient and pretty it is.

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      If you aren’t looking for any, you are bound to see none.

    • Ryan

      Nearly every phone I see has a third party case which makes it hard to tell just what phone it is. My 520 has a case and looks like any Android phone.

      Also what relevance is it that you haven’t seen any? I havent seen anyone in public with an iPhone where I am, should I assume no one has one?

    • MapleHoney

      Maybe you are too focus on your own phone when you are taking transit.

    • TheCyberKnight

      At my 50 people company, there are 5 Lumia 920 and a Lumia 710.
      Guess you actually see what you want to see.

  • Ballack

    Nice! Finally I will get the Amber+GDR2.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Too bad this phone has not picked up due to lack of branded apps like FB and and others. It is a nice phone for the price and for those that have not seen one it takes better pictures than the S4 does.

    • Ballack

      FB=Facebook? Are you sure you understand and know Windows Phone much?

    • David Couto

      maybe you should check it out again…..there are a lot of branded apps including Facebook.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Well, last time I had one in my hands nor Facebook or Flipboard where there.

    • Cormang

      Facebook has always been there. It’s also built into the People Hub. Not sure what phone you were using…

      The only app I have not been able to get is Air Canada and Royal Bank. Apparently they are coming soon.

    • Mike366

      facebook is integrated better on WP than Android and iOS

  • Jim Connell

    I must admit that for me to see a Windows phone in the wild is a pretty rare thing. But I really, really like my Nokia Lumia 920 and timely updates like this are just one of the many reasons.

  • Rich

    Honestly, I’ve been tempted by the Nokia phones PURELY for the camera (well, okay and a few of their drive apps).
    I really hope Android ups their game in the camera department.

  • Stéphane Lachance

    To be clear, the new Nokia Photo and Video apps are available to download now but don’t appear to work without the update.

  • mumbo

    Will this update fix the unlocked lumia 920 rogers mms, and internet tethering issues us telus mobility users have?

    • ksbanderson

      I’ve been meaning to look up whether it were just me or not…gawd I have unlimited picture messaging and I can’t even utilize it >:(

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      All you have to do is download the “access point” app and select your carrier and everything works like a charm. I use mine on Bell and I use MMS and Internet Sharing regularly. Not a single issue.

  • Ryan

    Any word on when Telus will be getting the update for the 520?

  • kdales73

    I don’t get this constant running down of WP8 from the Android/IOS crowd. We know it doesn’t have all the apps and maybe lacks some features, but it has features that the other 2 don’t have. Why do people get such joy running down a OS that a solid 30 million people have chosen. IOS works for some but not all, Android works for a majority but not all, and WP phone works for a few, but they are happy with that. I rather live in a world with choice then you must fit either of these two norms. I get frustrated with my Windows Phone sometimes but I can’t see myself changing, just like others will never leave IOS or Android. I understand people saying its not for them, but then I don’t get why they have call it inferior. Hey some people swear by Symbian, and I’m okay with that.

    • Joseph Morin

      Android users are the new Mac Fanboys. They push and criticize harder than their predecessors.

  • RZ

    I agree with the author, Rogers is going to release it “soon”…

    • Lumia920

      I don’t think so.. While Lumia 920 update for Rogers was in it’s
      final stage (with Coming soon – status), Verizon Lumia 822 was having
      status “Waiting for approval” and today the update was released.

      How much more time do Rogers need? What is Rogers delaying the update.

    • RZ

      I agree with you. That was meant to be a sarcastic “Soon”.

    • robinottawa

      Gott give’em credit. It came out “soon”! Very happy with it. Question really is, will we ever see another update. They’ve left me hanging numerous times over the years.

  • Kevin