Floating Touch is like Chat Heads for everything on your Android device


  • Eric Tackaberry

    If i were trying to troll, I’d continue on with stuff like “i gave your mom the assistive touch.”
    I was simply making a point that even down to the virtually identical floating dot they give you on screen, it’s striking similar.
    In the land that allows apple to patent rounded corners, stuff like this should be taken into consideration simply because they (apple) are prone to launch a suit at the most minuscule of things.

    Give your head a shake and realize that not everyone out there is trying to piss off you or other people, you self absorbed a*s clown…

    • TrainAss

      The point is: Who gives a f**k? It’s something that’s awesome that people will use. Who cares what it looks like. As long as it works, and is useful. That’s all that matters.