Video and pictures: ‘The Budget iPhone’ leaks online


  • dandoozled

    that’s a jacked up iphone 5 with a plastic shell wrapped around it.

    I’d ben very surprised if this was real.

    • Anthony

      It is obviously fake because for one Apple would not create a removable back case phone. Second of all, there’s no place to insert your sim card.

  • Günter Schwarz

    I highly doubt Apple would ever consider making a phone with a removable back to it.

    • daftchemist

      That back doesn’t look easily removable. Maybe just as easy as the 3Gs. We will have to wait and see.

    • Günter Schwarz

      It reminds me of the back from the Lumia 620 that comes out by pressing on the camera

  • jvhhkfcjhbvli

    Where’s the power button?

  • Hipster with android

    The so-called expensive iphone already costs them around $200 n they sell it for 800 .. only if they could decrease their profit margin!

    • Adam

      You do know that there’s a LOT more costs involved than just the price of hardware? Sure the components might cost only $200, but you add the cost of operating the plant, Research and development, administration, marketing, overhead. The averaged out cost per unit of making any flagship device is well over $200/unit. I’m just pulling numbers out of nowhere, but I’d be willing to bet it’s closer to $500/unit. Then they sell to carriers to make a bit of profit, who sell to customers or subsidize on contracts to make a bit of profit. They’re not marking them up 400% and pocketing the difference like some people seem to think.

    • ougabouga2002

      While I’m not a finance guru, the usual way to compare these things is called the profit margin. Apple has the highest profit margins (around 50%). Meaning that from every product they sell, half of it is profit.

      So from $800, they take in $400. That’s how they’ve accumulated $145 billion in cash!

    • Adam

      And I’m not a finance guy, but if you think about it for a minute, it’s not difficult.

      Iphones are priced similarly to other phones. $700 for an iPhone or $700 for an s4, difference is Apple gets better rates on their parts since they produce more than any other manufacturer

      You don’t have to be a finance guy to understand they point of business is to maximize profit or shareholder wealth. It’s not a good business model to price products based on a percentage markup. Apple lowers their costs to benefit them, not you. They price their products based on what will sell. The only way prices drop is if people stop buying them.

      Furthermore, Apple cuts r&d costs by keeping to their proven product, and cuts marketing costs as iPhones basically sell themselves by now.

      I’m not an Apple supporter by any means, but this type of pricing is fairly common. Manufacturers are not charities, they’re profit-driven businesses. Only way to change pricing is for people to stop buying them.

  • mistermystery

    Lol, I like the hole in the side to eject the sim but no sim tray.

    200% fake, without question.

    • RoboBonobo

      Yeah it’s probably a mockup.

  • J-Ro

    The low cost iPhone was not mentioned in white, every color but white and black

  • J-Ro

    And now after watching the video lol I’m certain that was a commercial for that bear phone. Clever but very sneaky

  • marshallpower

    Lack the quality feel of previous iPhones??? Someone left an iPhone the other day at my store by error, there were scratches EVERYWHERE on it…the screen looked so small, what a bad phone…can’t believe people love this phone and pretend it’s high quality.

    • FuzzyFish6

      I hate Apple but to deny that it’s a quality feeling phone? Come on now.

    • mjolnirxz

      They really dropped the ball on the 5’s aluminum alloy coating, it scratches VERY easily. Whether it’s bad composition or cutting costs, I do not know, and frankly I dont care because for a $700 phone neither excuse is acceptable. If HTC can make an aluminum coating so resistant, so can Apple and yet they chose not to.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Oh I agree, the iPhone 5 scratches easily, but it still *feels* like a quality phone. Not as much as the 4 and 4S, but it definitely doesn’t feel cheap at all.

      The Q10’s stainless band is very durable as well.

    • RoboBonobo

      Meh, the aluminum on the HTC One isn’t all that great. Until we get phones with bodies crafted from solid synthetic sapphire or diamond, all phones are going to get scratches and chips/dents.

    • mjolnirxz

      Have you seen the scratch tests? The guy had to use a knife for crying out loud just to make a thin scratch. I treated my iphone 5 like a baby and at the end of the first day I had a scratch. There goes my resale value.

    • RoboBonobo

      Oh so you’re not speaking from personal experience in the case of the HTC One. If a stainless steel knife can scratch it, so can other common things things like little bits of sand and grit… literally no material that cell phones are made of is completely scratch proof, especially aluminum. I think you’ve got unrealistic expectations.

    • mjolnirxz

      No I am not, but I suggest you look at the videos they are very comprehensive. Keys, desk surfaces, to the more extreme hammer and nails and knives. It is not an expectation, it exists. Assuming all the videos aren’t hoaxes of course. The only ‘personal’ experience I have is that my housemate has one and he had no scratches whatsoever without a case for 2 months

    • RoboBonobo

      Your evidence is anecdotal.

    • mjolnirxz

      Anecdotal? Well if you choose to not believe the YouTube videos that is your choice not mine. As to my ‘personal’ experience, well I’m sorry to hear that you dont believe it but it’s ok, this is the inherent nature of the internet 😉

    • RoboBonobo

      “I had it for 1 day and it scratched so it’s not as good as the other phone my friend has had for 2 months without scratching” is an anecdote. That’s just like drop test videos: “It broke after 1 drop, so it’s not as good as the one that broke after 3 drops”. That’s all anecdotal. I know someone who has an iPhone 5 since launch and it has no scratches — another anecdote. That’s what I mean by it’s anecdotal; it doesn’t mean anything.. just because your friend’s HTC doesn’t have any scratches after 2 months, doesn’t mean there aren’t any that have got scratched after 1 day, just like your iPhone. And just because your iPhone scratched on the first day, doesn’t mean there aren’t iPhones that are pristine condition after months of use. It means absolutely nothing. And the fact that a stainless steel knife edge can scratch the HTC One means that just about anything else will scratch it too. Even bits of sand and grit have a higher hardness rating than the stainless steel in a typical kitchen knife. Aluminum has a relatively low hardness. You’re idolizing it. If you buy one thinking HTC’s aluminum is scratch proof, you’ll be just as disappointed as when you scratched your iPhone. Let’s just agree to disagree because obviously neither of us is going to change our mind.

    • mjolnirxz

      Not once did I say scratch proof, but I do believe the aluminum ALLOY is better on the One than the 5. You made the incorrect assumption that ‘hardness rating’ is the determinant factor, but actually it’s the amount of pressure that causes scratches. The most simple explanation I can give you is to take a large block of diamond and lay it on top vs an iron nail being pushed down. Obviously there are some who scratched it on the first day for whatever reasons but that is beside the fact that 1) the aluminum alloy composition is different and 2) one is more resistant to pressure. The One has the alloy with higher resistance. Also I daresay you didn’t even bother to look at the YouTube videos. You’re right I wont change my mind because I have seen the difference for myself. It’s a pity you didn’t.

    • RoboBonobo

      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • mjolnirxz

      I’m afraid that’s you not me

    • RoboBonobo

      Except you’re wrong. If you take a sheet of aluminum, and try to scratch it with an iron nail, it will scratch, because iron is harder than aluminum. If you try to scratch a sheet of iron with an aluminum nail, no matter how much pressure you put on that aluminum nail, it will not scratch the iron… because aluminum is softer than iron. And iron isn’t even all that hard, relatively speaking; it just happens to be harder than aluminum.
      So go ahead and buy the HTC One, thinking it’ll have amazing resell value because of its scratchless body; don’t even use a case because, you think, HTC’s aluminum is amazing — it’s even impervious to scratches. You’ll be disappointed.
      There is no smartphone on the market today that isn’t easy to scratch or doesn’t chip/dent when you drop it.

    • mjolnirxz

      Yes, I’m pretty sure about that

    • mjolnirxz

      I see that you’re pretty incompetent at reading. For one I specifically said alloy. Two i never said it wouldn’t scratch only to show that scratches are a result of pressure. Three, aluminum in the right form can scratch iron. Imagine paper cuts similar concept

    • RoboBonobo

      No, aluminum can’t scratch iron. There’s science behind what I’m telling you when I say that. You’re arguing against science. Go read a book about it. But if you agree that the HTC One’s aluminum will get scratched, what are you arguing for? That’s basically my entire point… aluminum is easy to scratch and HTC’s aluminum is no exception. There’s no phone on the market that doesn’t get scratches.. if you want to have it in mint condition when you’re ready to sell it, then you better not take it out of the package.

    • mjolnirxz

      I’m afraid science would tell you anything with enough pressure will break down. I do not how else to put it. Aluminum can be made stronger by mixing it into an alloy. Composition of the alloy used in the 5 and One is not known, but one is more resistant. That is all

    • skullan

      I think you now know why they left the phone 🙂

  • Andrew P.

    I’ve been kinda skeptical of “the budget iPhone” since I heard about it. This isn’t it, and you’ll see that by watching the vid to the VERY END.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I was surprised that Apple held off on the 7″ tablet as long as they did, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see if my gut is right about this one. Curious about it but chances I’m not going to be get one.

  • Manic Devlin

    I’m not a fan of apple but I don’t believe that’s the real thing. More like a cheap Chinese knock off.

    • Stephen

      That almost looks as awful as the BB10 lineup

    • Manic Devlin

      Bb10 designs look professional and quality, this thing looks like you buy it from fisher price.

    • Stephen

      Weird I picked up a white Z10 at a store and my first reaction was that it looked designed by a child with the color scheme. The awful OS inside of it didn’t help

    • skullan

      I see, you must have grabbed the Laugh and Learn, Smilin’ Smartphone by mistake, because what you’re describing isn’t a Z10 since it is better quality than the one you picked up.

      You might have grabbed an Android though, who knows, perhaps Samsung will start to sue Apple for infringing on their plastic patent.

  • David Evans

    It’s a fake. The whole purpose of the ad appears to be a marketing ploy for the ‘Basic Bear’ mentioned at 2:46, which is an Android phone that looks like a plastic iPhone.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Exactly. The “Basic Bear” has an identical shell as this budget iPhone. Fake for sure. You can find the link to Basic Bear after clicking the Techdy link.

  • sicsicpuppy

    It’s the new iPhone iCheap with no power button and no sim tray .

  • vimmy2492

    the only reason people buy iphone is to show off that they are rich, even though most of them are not. There is no other good reason to buy iPhone, software is a meh and you can get the hardware with htc or some other maker. So why would anyone buy a cheap iPhone?

  • ArberBeq

    What a great way to get cheap marketing

  • hunkyleepickle

    I don’t understand the logic behind low cost iPhone. Samsung already sells its plastic devices, like it or not, for 650$+. And the market for a low cost iPhone would not mean anything if your still on a contract, which most north Americans are anyway. IPhone 4’s and soon 4s’s and 5 will be available for under 300$, or free on contract. Other than a more colorful options, I don’t get the logic of it.

  • Samarth Kochhar

    Thats a nice iPhone 5 with a simple white plastic case. Well done.

  • FuzzyFish6

    Aside from the “Basic Bear”, check out the “Bear Pro”! It’s “inspired” by the HTC One lol, it’s a pretty damn good knockoff lol.

  • daftchemist

    This is either a dummy model with no power button or sim tray or its fake.

  • ShorelineDroid

    Holes for the power button and volume rocker as well as no sim – budget for sure – buy this then buy a paperclip to turn it on and adjust the volume. Oh btw did I mention after we sign you up with this phone you will have to BYOST (Bring Your Own SIM Tray)

  • Jordan Houle

    Its a Frocho

  • Phone-onlooker

    This is a knock-off for appearance only. It looks to be a powerful phone. runs Android looks very interesting. Might Grab one once they are released!

  • RoboBonobo

    Why would Apple give their unreleased iPhone to a company that makes knock-offs?

  • Big Ang

    Looks like a cheap Nokia Lumia 620 rip-off without the great colours.

  • Ricky Allain

    Everything about the stats scream fake: “It’s a low-cost iPhone-based handset featuring a 4-inch display with 1136 x 640 resolution, 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, 2-megapixel front-facing camera with 1080p HD video recording, 2300mAh battery, Qi wireless charging support, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Just $199”

    As is Apple would ever come out with an Android device.

    • Henry

      Those are not the rumored specs for the “cheap iphone”. Those are the specs for the “cheap iphone” knock-off.