BlackBerry changes its tune, won’t update PlayBook to BB10


  • mylivespot

    I expected as much, but disappointed all the same.

    • Super_Deluxe

      This hurts the most for people who bought it for $500, $600, $700 before it went on that blowout sale. I bought my 32GB for $600 and it’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life. It looked good at first and then a bunch of broken promises of more functionality. Now I can’t even sell it for a third of that price. Its nothing more than an overpriced media player for me now. I’m glad I bought an S3 instead of the Z10. Blackberry won’t fool me again that’s for sure.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Did you purchase your PB because it was going to be upgraded to BB10?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Yup. And I hate myself for doing such a thing.

    • FuzzyFish6

      But they never announced that the PB would be upgraded to BB10 at that time. How did you know? :/

      BTW, if purchasing a tablet is one of the biggest mistake of your life, you’re doing far better than me my friend. Thumbs up to you on that one. 🙂

    • Super_Deluxe

      Because it looked great and promising at the time. But by the time I realized that the only thing great about it was the browser, it was too late for me to return it and I had no buyers either. And this news just killed all hopes of it being useful. I was so optimistic when they announced that it will be upgraded to BB10 but shame on me for falling for another promise waiting to be broken.

      “BTW, if purchasing a tablet is one of the biggest mistake of your life, you’re doing far better than me my friend. Thumbs up to you on that one.”

      I was referring to this tablet specifically because others have functionality atleast. Even the HP Touchpad can be rooted and flash android which only costed $100.

    • FuzzyFish6

      What I’m trying to say is, when you bought your PB, BB10 wasn’t even announced. So the BB10 upgrade can’t be the reason why you bought it.

      I understand that it’s disappointing to have the company tell us something that was exciting but never followed through with it, but to now say that they’ve cheated you because you bought the PB based on the promise of BB10 arriving on it is disingenuous on your part. No?

    • Super_Deluxe

      My bad, that wasn’t really the reason I bought it for and this is actually why, because it looked great and promising at the time but that quickly changed after I realized that there is nothing great about it other than the browser and specs which wasn’t enough for that price and unfortunately it was too late to return it and I had no buyers either. The fact that they said it will be upgraded to BB10 gave me hope that it will be more functional rather than a glorified media player, atleast as functional as my phone.

      I’m pissed because they told us they would be upgraded to BB10 when it was announced and today they say it won’t? I wouldn’t actually care if it had at least the major apps on Android but that was our only hope of getting them. Why make the promise in the first place and get our hopes up if you’re unsure of whether it’ll work out or not right?

    • FuzzyFish6

      That I totally understand. I don’t use my PB now neither (I got it on sale, and I had gotten my $99 out of it since, but if you paid $600…) except as an E-reader.
      My phone (as it should being 2 years newer) does everything better and I have no use for the PB anymore aside from the bigger screen.

      Empty promises sucks, and I wish they would come out and own up to that promise. Tell us they made a mistake and their current roadmap and business plans have no room for the PB as it currently sits (I don’t buy for one second that it’s a hardware issue). Transparency would have been good here.

    • corporateg

      forreal…stop talking about things and just do them…or dont do them…dont say you will and then take it back…terrible…BB has lost me as a customer for life, and has gained a boycotter. Android thanks BB for the opportunity lol.

    • WireNow

      I believe we miss the fact that many loyal Blackberry users trusted that the company would offer a very efficient ‘connected device’; yes it was a tacit expectation and a hopeful one. They believed they were on the right track with ‘Blackberry Bridge’, but expected more support with application offerings. Although the company DID NOT officially announce there would be any OS10 update (when the playbook was launched), they announced they would enhance the application offerings on several occasions. This leads/led to a result where BBRY has become something that isn’t anything like RIM (or very little like RIM), or if you still maintain they are anything like RIM, the trust between consumer and company has depreciated significantly.

    • Bbrysucks

      You should really lay of in the pathetic apologizing for this woefully dying breed. Makes you look a fool, or employee.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Because I questioned what S_D said with perfectly valid counter points?

      The only fool here is you, creating a username only to troll. Go make yourself a productive part of society instead.

    • rvichar

      Yes BlackBerry did make promises that the PlayBook would receive an update to BB10 last year!

    • FuzzyFish6

      Right, but not when S_D bought his.

    • ars

      I bought mine for $600, don’t really have any regrets, that’s just the entry fee you pay as an early adopter, and I got good use out of it as an early adopter. However, if the price was dropped a month after launch, then I would have been ticked off.

      That said, the Playbook is the last Blackberry/RIM product I will ever buy. The whole Playbook OS 2.0 fiasco has left a sour taste in my mouth, app world is horrible compared to its Android and iOS counterparts(doesn’t even have basic apps like Netflix) and the Android app support is just plain pathetic, the fact that they advertised it as a feature when they first launched the Playbook should be grounds for false advertising.

    • Super_Deluxe

      If they can atleast update the Android player runtime to Jelly Bean, then I’ll be ok since I can just sideload the apps I want manually. The only reason most apps won’t work or are laggy is because it’s still on Gingerbread which we all know is older the the Playbook. I hope they atleast update that and bring BBM to the Playbook as well. Its sad that we won’t get that even when other platforms get it first. Blackberry’s business is a mess. I hope they clean it up. They lost me as a loyal supporter last fall and probably more now. Their promise breaking streak is just gonna continue to hurt them and lose trust from their customers and potential customers as well.

    • FuzzyFish6

      I wouldn’t count on any new features in any future PB updates (they said they’ll keep supporting it, whatever that means).

      An Android Runtime update to support Jelly Bean would be awesome, but I’d be shocked to see it on the PB unfortunately.

    • corporateg

      SAME STORY HERE. They have lost me forever. I bought an S4, there was no way i would ever early adopt a BB product again. HOWEVER, had they put BB10 on the Playbook much earlier, perhaps i could have considdered a Z or Q BB.

      These guys have lost me forever.

    • corporateg

      they should have given all of the early PB buyers a gift card for the Blackberry World store …like $100 or more….that would have been a great concession…or something like they did for the apology for their outage, with free premium apps…

    • Super_Deluxe

      I don’t even think that will help, the app world app selection sucks. I think its only hope was the app world on BB10 but since its not coming, there’s no hope. Oh well, mistakes were made. Never again will I be an early adopter of Blackberry or buy their products again. They lost me as a long time customer and am now a Google customer. Will pass my Playbook down to my youngest brother for games and ill buy the upcoming Nexus 7 when it goes on sale. I hope they at least realized they’ve upset many people including their long time supporters, I for sure will join the boycott crowd and turn against them for their stupid business decisions. I hope they enjoy their earnings call next quarter.

    • Terwax

      Why did they sell them at loss, did 500m write off only to discover it can not have BB10?

  • WazzapKatDaddy

    I hardly touch my Playbook, and when I do, it’s often only to watch movies or TV that I’ve downloaded. While this doesn’t come as much of a shock, I really hoped BB10 would breathe new life into the tablet. I’m not a Blackberry phone user, so a lot of the core features the Playbook currently has to offer (Bridge, namely) aren’t available to me — BB10 seems more friendly to the average user.

    • kroms

      Sorry man. I feel for ya. I’ve made some of the same mistakes on other products.

      Well at least you can pick up a Nexus 7 16GB for $200 , or some other branded tablets now for less than that.
      I don’t want to sound negative but lets face it , The Playbook is very outdated now and runs so slow compared to other tablets our there today for even around $100.

  • Tony Sarju

    Another disappointment. To the scrap pile mine goes I guess. I use it to browse the web and it’s so slow. Was hoping for the BB10 upgrade to improve the performance but I guess that means it’s nothing better than a coaster now.

    • kroms

      Sell it on Ebay. At least try to recoup something for it.

    • Tony Sarju

      I was being a tad dramatic. I will eventually sell it or give it away once I find a good replacement. Looking for a next gen Nexus 7 to debut.

  • nekkidtruth

    Not horribly surprised by this. It makes sense for the company however, it’s still horrible business practice to make such promises and then not deliver. They were just starting to bring themselves into alignment with the rest of the industry and really can’t afford to make such silly amateur mistakes. They knew right from the start it wasn’t going to get BBOS10 and should have said as such.

    • bmaz

      I don’t think that they knew that, I believe they had to make changes to BB10 to fit the tablet format (ie. I don’t think the Peek feature would have worked properly as is). After doing those changes they probably discovered that it wasn’t up to snuff in terms of performance.
      I agree that they shouldn’t have made the promise though.

  • Anthony 

    Yet another broken promise from a company that seems committed to breaking as many as possible. I guess it will make a good paperweight.

    “Amateur hour is over” eh?

    • Bbrysucks

      It’s pretty much guaranteed now that we won’t have to worry about these broken promises, at least from BB. Dead company walking.

  • Mark

    The problem is that updating the PlayBook WOULD have made them money. Not on direct PB sales of course. But the future device sales that will be lost because consumers have lost faith in management to provide them with future service is real. So yeah, it reduces Q1 and Q2 costs at the expense immeasurable future sales.

    • Roland

      Don’t they realized that the millions of Playbook owners out there is a huge market for the BB10 ecosystem and developers will want to get in on that market? The more apps, means the more adopters, and potentially more support or upgrades to newer BB10 devices. and making the Playbooks a desirable device and hence making BB10 a major OS to contend with.

    • f23f7h923h2

      Millions? How many have they sold in total? i can’t see it being barely more then a million.

    • Roland

      From Wikipedia: ” Sales rebounded following the price cuts, with BlackBerry shipping approximately 2.5 million BlackBerry PlayBooks by June 1, 2013″

    • Josh Brown

      Shipped not sold is the key word

    • Roland

      You don’t see PB’s in stores anymore as they’ve already sold most of it. If not, they would’ve been selling it for $50 or less already. So it means there’s 2.5 million PBs out there dying to get Skype, games, and other apps installed. So if there are 1 million Z10 and Q10s out in the market running BB10, wouldn’t it be better for Blackberry to claim they have 3.5 million potential BB Store users than a measly 1 million users? BB executives have been begging for app developers to create BB apps to entice more BB users, but now with this news, I would surmise a lot of developers will write off BB10 from their target OS list since they know BB is stupid.

    • Bbrysucks

      Does anyone other than an extremely small minority actually care?
      That is the question you should be asking yourself.

    • Roland

      You probably do… why else would you be replying to this thread if you don’t care 🙂 LOL

    • Ted Schneider

      Agree with @Roland8:disqus, BB is making a strategic error outside of irritating customers they will lose the statistical benefit of including the PB User community as possible BB10 users.

      As for the future of tablets the BB’s CEO is wrong about the demise of tablets. Similar Steve Jobs was wrong about the 7inch tablet. Tablets are here for a lot longer than 4-5 years, in my mind will ultimately will replace the traditional labtop (consumer wise).

      In any event i currently only use my PB for reading, email, music/video watching and limited internet browsing going from/to work. Have a 10inch tablet (Android) for home and extended trips.

    • Roland

      These actions of the current CEO is a dumb move, which shows how these overpaid CEOs don’t even know the repercussion of their actions will be for their company. BB10 is not even a great OS and it won’t even do much for Playbooks (except probably for some optimize web surfing and multitasking) but the more they shave down their BB10 ecosystem and lying to their customers, the more screwed the company will be. It’s all about the numbers, and if they’ve added 2.5 million PB app store customers, then Z10 and Q10 owners would probably be at ease with the BB10 platform as they know the adoption rate just risen up. But with the news, Z/Q10 owners are probably starting to jump ship and wouldn’t be spending money in apps because they know BB10 ecosystem just losts 2.5 million potential clients and will doubt if any more will come in specially now that the BB CEO was just culled the app store customers… Less people will now buy apps and a lot more will think twice to invest money to a BB10 version of the app. It will be smarter to invest in IOS or Android versions as they know they can still use the apps in newer hardware and newer version of Android/IOS…

    • Josh Brown

      They were Selling for $50 to a $100 dollars. Rogers was even giving them away as a bonus for 3 year contracts with a smartphone. Then they tried to give me one for free if I signed up for a data share plan without a contract. I could cancel any time. So there might be a factory full of them somewhere.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    Who is surprised here?

  • Bbrysucks

    In the words of Ricky from TPB’s, Itoadaso, I fukn atoadaso!

  • Neil LaPointe

    I kept my playbook cause of the promise to upgrade to BB10, now, it’s useless. Shouldn’t have trusted BB

    • ChrisPollard77

      You and me both. Canadian company or not, if this is the kind of crap you’re going to dish the handful of people who bought your products, I hope you go bankrupt.

  • mistermystery

    looks at Playbook
    throws it in the trash

  • Eduardo

    There goes the last bit of hope of having decent apps on the playbook, it might make sense to stop working on it but it’s just more and more broken promises, next thing bbm won’t be going anywhere after all (not that I care about it).

  • jackjiarocks

    Shares plummeted – 24% as we speak….
    well my playbook might as well be a brick

    • Mark

      Mine’s a coaster. Nice rubbery grip, decent splash radius, humorous conversation piece.

      Still not my favourite coaster, though.

  • snardos

    For some reason I have always defended RIM/Blackberry when I hear people mocking them. This is a huge blow though because the whole reason I bought a playbook was because it would be getting BB10 and hopefully some good applications. This has definitely reduced any chance of me purchasing a new BlackBerry.

    • HeyYoWL

      Eliminated instead of reduced chances for me. I bought the Playbook late for $100 too because it’s a well built product and because I was hoping for BB10. The limited things it does it doesn’t even do all that well. It’s too bad because I would rather carry this around on a day to day basis versus my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Again as others have stated, the worst thing about this is that consumers will now probably take BB’s promises with a grain of salt, and that’s not what you want from a business relationship perspective.

  • Zathis

    I purchased my PlayBook on launch day in Canada. Paid over $500.00 for it. Would I liked to have seen BB10 or a version of it come to the tablet? Yes. Do I feel ripped off? Not at all! I think getting over 2 years of use out of a tablet is great! I look at the life expectancy of a tablet really being about 1-1.5 years.

    • Eduardo

      What do you use it for? If you don’t mind me asking.
      Mine is nothing but a media player and ebook reader that I barely use since I’ve been using play books more often and an S3

    • Bbrysucks


    • Zathis

      I use mine primarily for email, Multi-media, and as my travel device. It is way nicer to travel with than a laptop, although the browser isn’t nearly as fast.

  • Roland

    Was considering to get a Z10, but with this announcement, and the fact they PROMISED to update Playbooks to BB10 and reneged, makes me realize that there will be no future with them since they have no word of honor.
    Developers will also avoid BB10 now as the potential additional Playbook customers just disappeared, and they have a smaller market. Stupid Blackberry!

  • ChrisPollard77

    The only hope there is now is that BB will actually release a way for PB owners to unlock the tablets and flash Android on them. Android has no problems running with a dual core Cortex A9 and a gig of ram.

  • beyond

    please remember to recycle your devices 🙂

    • Bbrysucks


  • Red Rock

    This does it or me, no more BB products in my house, they can’t be trusted


    I am officially done with Blackberry. You repeatedly screw over your customer base. I am DONE!

  • Jeff Dungca

    that sucks big time i was waiting for this to give second life to my playbook then nothing!! don’t promise if you can’t fulfill BB CEO SUCKS!

  • FuzzyFish6

    Is anyone honestly surprised by this? It’s 2+ years old hardware that no longer sells in the current marketplace. Who among us actually use 2+ years old devices still?

    Disappointing? For sure. Shocking? Not one bit.

    This has nothing to do with hardware specs, it’s all about saving money.

    • Roland

      BB saves a few millions, but effectively dooms the whole company and losing billions… Just goes to show how BB is fast becoming a worthless company. Mainly because of decisions by overpaid and stupid CEOs and managers who don’t know the consequences of their decisions. Once they reneged on their promise to millions of Playbook owners (who will be pissed), other potential customers will see how BB treated existing PB customers and hence will assumed the same will happen with Z10 and Q10 eventually. Less people in the BB10 ecosystem will mean less developers and apps, and soon BB customers will get the idea of abandoning BB as a pre-emptive strike since they already know BB will kick them to the curb with future lack of support and future upgrades…
      Heck, I have a HP touchpad, and at least they opened it up and there is a Android port… with Playbook, i’ve been stuck for years using it as a picture frame…

    • FuzzyFish6

      I’m not sure how much their C level executives gets paid, so who knows if they’re overpaid; but I don’t see how it matters. All C level employees gets paid a ton.

      Stupid though, I’m not sure of. They’ve accomplished a ton since taking over the management of the company; I understand that the majority of people (especially online) has the “what have you done for me lately” mentality, and this earning call and PB/BB10 thing definitely doesn’t jive with that mentality. It doesn’t erase what they’ve done in the last year though.

      And truth be told, they should have data as to how many people still use their PB, if that number is low wouldn’t it be stupid to spend the money to update a device that have little traction in the marketplace?

      I find it amusing how people were saying nobody bought the PB and it’s sales were totally insignificant; now people are saying the millions and millions of people will be pissed. Which is it?

      I would prefer if they came out and own up the issue and tell us that they made a mistake with the previous BB10 on PB announcement. They’re definitely not the first to not upgrade a device to a new OS, I would have been impressed if they owned up to it.

    • Roland

      If they never promised to put BB10 on the Playbook, then it would’ve been a non-issue. A lot of people who bought the playbooks were duped into buying an unsupported device if you think about it, now that they’ve announce that they won’t release BB10 to PB. It’s outright bait and switch and a lot of people who believed BB, will feel betrayed and will never buy BB again. Unlike HP Touchpads which are sold with the knowledge that you are buying a unsupported OS and so then a lot of hackers worked hard to get Android running on it. With PB, the device was closed, and not a lot of hackers were in the hurry to get android on it, and so for years it wasn’t being used other than for BB apps (and sideloaded android apps)

      I smell class-action suits and 2.5 million more BB haters with that stupid decision. In hindsight, BB10 wouldn’t do much for the PB people since the ecosystem is still small in comparison with Android and IOS, but by doing what they promised and adding 2.5 million devices to the BB10 market is a better use for their money than alienating those who trusted BB… and losing a lot of customers, and developers who would not believe in BB anymore in the future. RIP BB!

    • FuzzyFish6

      I don’t disagree with that. I just don’t think it’s bait and switch though; there’s no doubt in my mind that BB10 was coming to the PB, but situations changed and they felt it’s now best to spend the money elsewhere.

      I think you’re over-estimating how many people cared (or even was aware) that PB was getting the BB10 update. Most purchased it for the dirt cheap price, not because of BB10.

      P.S. If you want to have a mature and intelligent conversation, adding “RIP BB” doesn’t help your cause. It just makes you sound like a troll (which I don’t think you are given your well thought out reply).

    • kroms

      Agree with you 100%. Why they don’t get it is beyond me.

    • kroms

      Actually I still use my OLD Nook ! i mean just for lender or backup now since I have a Nexus 7 but the Nook actually while slow , was a pretty good deal when i purchased it years ago because I was able to FLASH cyanogenmod on it and has kept it a decent purchase for that time.

      Company’s should Unlock and Allow Users/Customers to do as they please once they stop supporting it so as to allow People like everyone here to breath some life into there products long AFTER the Manufacture does not want to do it anymore. It’s how you keep people happy.

    • Bbrysucks

      Based on your routine arguments, if say you we’re quite surprised. Come on now…

    • zing chicken

      Whatever Mr. Shillorama. Stop trying to provide excuses for this apparent tradgedy. How do you benefit by it?

    • FuzzyFish6

      Tell me something chicken man, when there was not a single mentioned of the PB at BBLive, what did you think it was going to happen?

      That answer should be obvious, knowing that how can you be surprised?

      And “tragedy”, are you serious?

    • FuzzyFish6

      Tell me something chicken man, what did you think was going to happen when they didn’t even mention the PB at BBLive?

      The answer should be obvious, and knowing that how can you be surprised at today’s announcement?

      And “tragedy”? Grow up.

    • HeyYoWL

      I still have my iPhone 4, I still have my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not everyone needs the absolute newest every year.

  • Striker67

    No one should have expected this to happen. With the device aging it became less and less likely. With no discussion of new tablets to replace the playbook it shows that Blackberry is doing what it should and that is to build its core first and worry about the tablet market after.

    • Rich

      Yes, but you are forgetting, Blackberry needs to maintain its core, and that’s its loyal customers. You completely screw over one segment of your loyal customers by promising BB10 update and don’t deliver? Screw your customers over, time and time again, and it will be less likely they will come back to you.

    • zing chicken

      The sad fact is that everyone should have already seen through this clown Ceo and left them for dead a year ago. Shame on those of you who were lured into the lies and bs spouting from this goofs mouth. Enougg is enough already. Let them die like they deserve to.

    • FuzzyFish6

      I love when people like to talk sh!t about a certain topic, yet it’s so obvious that they have zero idea what they’re actually talk about.

      Troll on, chicken man.

    • Striker67

      I know what you are saying, but almost every manufacturer is screwing their clients in some fashion these days. Whether it be with slow updates or in the case today with no update by HTC of a device less than a year old. Apple and its fiasco with Antannaegate and the list goes on. The best advice for anyone is to buy a device they are happy with today. Don’t take updates into account and if get them that is great, but if not at least you bought a device you are happy with.

  • Mike366

    Maybe they are dropping bb10 and switching to android?

  • kroms

    Man that sucks for Playbook Owners who dished out that kinda $$$ for it.
    Live and Learn .

  • MXH070

    Finally!…… the last bit of the legacy left behind from the 2 clown ceo’s is finally dead. I can now put the PlayBook away in a drawer and start using the surface pro. I think TH was a little over zealous at the start promising BB10 for the the PlayBook now he has to wear that broken promise from this point forward. Oh well guess they need to bring out a phablet now.

    • Bbrysucks


    • zing chicken

      Low on meds this week bud?

  • kroms

    Guys Keep your PlayBook just in case they do Release an Unlock and allow owners to FLASH Android on it and breath some NEW life into the Unit as “ChrisPollard77” mentioned. I mean I wouldn’t bet on it but HEY you never know. If I were the CEO I would do it as a good will gesture to the millions of owners whom purchased it and can not use it anymore.

  • abc123

    Thanks Heins.

    The playbook is the first and last Blackberry device I will ever buy.

  • Dogg64

    So suddenly the lot of you cannot use the device anymore? On June 28 it just became a paperweight?

    Word to big bird – it functions just as well as it did yesterday.

    I’m an owner and am disappointed I won’t be getting BB10 on it but it’s been 2 freakin’ years since PB was released. Can anyone REALLY say they were surprised this announcement came? I’m just surprised it didn’t come a year ago.

  • kroms

    Man I thought people were pissed here but after looking on over at Crackberry Forums I can see that ALL hell has broken loose there as Users/Owners are Fanatically PISSED about this. LOL Jesus.
    BB is going to learn from this the HARD way once they see how many people they have pissed off with this . 🙂

  • Rich

    Yes, blackberry has made a decent turnaround with the whole launch of BB10. I believed that Blackberry would be turning around but THIS is unacceptable. They essentially lied to ALL consumers and sold the playbook to us, telling us it will be updated to BB10. Most of of thought a $100-150 tablet with the newest bb software, WHY NOT? All this horse crap just to sell playbooks and get rid of stock. I still use a 9900 and love it, but will I be buying the next line of BB10? NOPE! I was interested in the Z10 but with the history of delays and broken promises, my next phone will most definelty NOT be a blackberry. Shame shame shame

    • Bbrysucks

      Finally you’ve come to your senses. Congrats and welcome to your future!

    • kroms

      Pick up a Google Nexus 7 and be ready to be MIND Blowing away. At least you can be sure it will be supported for years to come.
      Google gets it.

  • casual_confidence

    “According to CEO Thorsten Heins, the device just never felt right with the test versions of BlackBerry 10. ”

    So what was the original promise based on… o_O

    Should they not have tested it and confirmed all that prior to going public earlier in the year?

    • kroms

      Finally someone who UNDERSTANDS. They should NOT have said anything let alone promise an upgrade to BB10. Then again , they might have sold off all of the over stock of Playbooks they still had/have.

    • zing chicken

      Heinz needs a good kick in the you know what. Pansy a*s he is.

  • Josh Brown

    Has anyone thought that it might not be a matter of wanting to but a matter of they cant because of the hardware limitations?

    Or maybe they do not have a tablet UI for BB10 yet. Android took a a long time to get Honeycomb out and running. And it was even a bigger step to ICS with a UI for both phone and tablet. It is not as easy as you may think. All the apps would have to be optimized for a bigger screen different resolution. Maybe they just cant do it in a reasonable amount of time and they want to devote their limited budget to something new.

    Or maybe the hardware is just to limited to run BB10 it happens on Android and Apple as well. It may not be a conspiracy.

    • zing chicken

      Dude, they’ve been sitting on their asses just like before when the co-ceo clowns were riding the dong. Nothing has changed.

  • Yeas

    Release BB10 as an optional download from their website and allow people to update it themselves at their own risk. Most people who want to do it will do it anyway, while they can stand behind the “level of performance and user experience” excuse Samsung/HTC seem to use every year or two.

    That all being said, BB10 isn’t anything special in the first place so no real harm done.

    • kroms

      That’s not going to happen. Forget it.

  • dshusha

    Well to quote Thorston Heins .. .unfortunately I am not satisfied with the level of performance and user focus with Blackberry and I have made the difficult decision to focus my core dollars on another hardware portfolio …

    I could not have said good-bye to Blackberry in a better way..

  • Albert Birks

    Its off to samsung or apple for me. I really loved this to. I will not support future BB devices.

  • rd0t

    The PlayBook in its current state meets my needs. Sure, not having access to a BB10 update sucks, but if the OS does not perform well on the PlayBook hardware, why would you want it? Its a 2 year old device people, move on with your butthurt and look forward to the good things BlackBerry is doing NOW.

    • zing chicken

      How can it. Its useless for anything but a photo viewer and youtube player. You cant even browse on it unless you like to wait 1-3 minutes per page load.

    • Tom

      Whoa, there’s something wrong with getting new life out of old hardware? While everyone does need to accept change and move on at some point, 2 years is kind of a small window.

      iPhones and Androids that are 3 years old can still run over 90% of today’s apps, and in terms of core functionality aren’t really missing anything.

      Don’t be like the fox claiming the grapes are sour.

  • zing chicken

    Bu-bye slapmetickleberry. Please go quietly.

  • Mike_Stokes1

    ha ha big surprise LIARS LIARS LIARS,,buying a Samsung phone tomorrow.

  • Kuko Kukovic

    very bad move, yes, I was expecting it’d happen due to longer and longer delay in releasing BB10 for Playbook … thanks for a lie BB … you have lost me as a customer for ever

  • winter_hat

    I don’t buy a laptop assuming Microsoft will give me the next Windows update for free. What is this sh*t? If it’s unusable, sell it or throw it out. If it still works, STFU. This is getting nauseating.

    • Tom

      It’s about broken promises – plus, even if you’re charged for the next Windows update, at least you know it’ll work on your machine and that THE OPTION IS AVAILABLE, won’t you?

    • winter_hat

      Lol, they ALL absolutely have to schedule things to become obsolete or they go out of business.

      They said they spent a lot of time and effort to make it work, the performance was not satisfactory. BB10 is highly dependent on gestures, particularly from the bottom of the screen, etc. It must not have worked well. I’m pissed they wasted time on it for a few hundred thousand Playbook owners instead of hurrying up and getting 10.2 with Jelly Bean out for the 3.7 million BB10 devices so far shipped.

      Does the playbook not work? If it works, use it. If it doesn’t, pile it in the mountain of obsolete electronics that everyone, every single person, in the world has.

  • winter_hat

    :…( I bought it with the old OS, but I assumed it would work with any OS into the future and I would get that for free :…(

  • T Hollard

    I still love my PB and use it regularly. For the amount of times I linked it to my phone it is negligible. There are hot spots everywhere if you really need a hook up. When I went to the Z10 I never had this use in mind and the Z10 is sweet.

  • kroms

    BB shares anyone ?

  • AP 

    They should at least deisgn an OS3 update to improve the browser and speed of PlayBook…not leave us hanging like that… I wanted to buy Q10 as a small phone to my BB10 tablet but now I’m not sure what I’m going to do…

  • Leo Valerio

    BB why don’t you just allow us to have a choice on what OS to use?! Give me the choice to run Android on it. Android would run smooth……DO WHAT IS RIGHT .YOUR OS IS A FLOP(to be polite). Listen to the people and people will respect you.

  • Kevin

    Tablets are becoming obsolete in general, not just playbooks.

    I have an iPad3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the house and nobody uses them anymore since 5″ phones started to appear.

    • kroms

      LMAO …. I use the NEXUS all the time. Its always on me in my BackPack.

      Suggesting people have stopped using there Tablets because the Iphone 5 was released is a complete Joke .

      What did people with the NOTE do before the Iphone 5 ?

      Jesus , you are funny.

    • Kevin

      when I referred to 5″ devices, I meant android devices… more so because there isn’t a 5″ iPhone out. Thanks for coming out.

  • Chris Laidlaw

    Simply disappointing for a company that needs so desperately for their user base to trust them.

    • kroms

      AND THAT ! is the problem with people today.

      You all think that Companys are about THE People, when it’s really about $$$$
      BB new that if they were HONEST and tell everyone that there is NO UPGRADE for the PLAYBOOK then all that stock was doomed for the trash.
      This was the fastest way for them to make $$$ even though they had to GIVE IT UP THE A$$ to there Customers.

      That’s Business 101. Besides they are sure that People will FORGET.

  • corporateg

    at this point they should unlock the bootloader and let me put Android on it.

    • kroms

      Would be nice, but NEVER going to happen.

      R i P ………. PlayBook. I just use it to play simple cartoon games on it now. My Nexus 7 has become my GO TO Tablet of choice now and I LOVE IT.

    • corporateg

      ya I wanted the nexus 7…but got the nexus 10….figured the playbook is a 7inch….i use it as a back up to the nexus 10…like if the battery runs out, or ill use it for surfing or some games, to conserve the nexus 10 lol…its my beater tablet now…used to baby it, now i just throw it around…

    • Tom

      Agreed. Worked for the Touchpad, and even the Kindle Fire which already runs a highly customized locked-down Android seems to be more popular with CyanogenMod rather than stock.

      BB has nothing to lose by allowing devs to really dive into the playbook, if they’re retiring it completely. No one’s going to make apps for it or buy its apps.

  • Tom

    Although BB is far from the only big tech company to renege on support promises (think of all those Android phones that were promised ICS and never got it), they also can’t afford to lose trust like this especially when mobiles and related services are their only source of revenue.

    Last year, statements like “I’ll never get an Android from XXX again” were all the norm when some phones were denied their promised ICS updates (mostly various Motorola and LG models). Surely BB should have noticed that?

  • nig gie


    Blackberry fanbois need to bow down and lick the s**t of the floor.

    Blackberry is crap like your mothers..

    BWHAHAHAHHA!! Toold not toys.. amateur hour… blah blah blah!

    Kill off this company already… I want to see everyone get pink slip… then die..

  • DirkG

    I was waiting to get a BB10 phone but was waiting to see the OS on my playbook.
    Blackberry has now alienated a large loyal following.
    After this decision by a narrow sighted CEO, I decided to go Android and I am very glad I did.
    I wont go back to Blackberry anytime soon. This decision has cost them dearly and as much as I’m a True Canuck, I can’t support a company with such a narrow minded focus.