BlackBerry PlayBook could be getting the BB10 upgrade “in the next few weeks”


  • David

    Hopefully this is true. Would like to try BB10 on my playbook before I consider getting a BB10 phone.

    • Conception

      ^This…These are my feelings on the situation too. Except, now it’s about trust and them keeping their word. If they don’t totally screw the PlayBook users, then I will stay with BlackBerry. If they pull an HP, I’m going to Android as soon as my 9810 dies.

    • Swadhin

      I will do the same as soon as my 9900 dies.

  • skullan

    That would be great, I know plenty of people who will be happy and I know others that don’t have a playbook which will need to eat crow.

  • ChrisPollard77

    I’d just like BB10 on my Playbook in the hopes that it will make BB10 phone apps available on the tablet. The PBOS selection is dismal at best. Thank god for Android sideloads! Nice hardware, but the software doesn’t do it justice.

    • Dimsumfum

      I’d just like it so I could clear the stock sitting in the back. Gawd.

    • Jacob

      You have new PlayBooks? Where?
      I know a ton of people that are looking for one.

  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    Sounds great but…I have a lot of apps on my Playbook that are not yet available for BB10…does this mean I’ll be losing them?

  • Rich

    This’ll be interesting considering the ram constraints.
    Hell, even the “budget” Q5 phone has 2 gigs of ram whereas the tablet has 1 gig.

    • skullan

      Interesting… well, it could be that the 2gigs of RAM is more of “Shut the haters up” addition and also, the way people use apps and smartphones to buffer the whole whining about not enough memory up.

      Then again, the Q5 isn’t budget, it’s considered “Mid-range”, google “mobilesyrup q5 mid-range”

    • Dimsumfum

      Wow, another one of you that drink the crack aid, and hard!
      Give it a rest rim janitor.

    • George

      The 10 series was originally planned at 1 gig and then changed to 2 gig for more of a wow factor. I’m sure the playbook will work well with os10. It’s just a souped up version of what’s on now.

    • Conception

      I could do just fine with BB 10 Lite…

  • Lukeiphone

    Awesome news. I was close to ditching my playbook because, trust me its useless.

    • skullan

      Pretend you didn’t see this… is it 4G and want $50 bucks for it? 🙂

    • Lukeiphone

      Now its not for sale 😛

    • skullan

      Damn, foiled by MobileSyrup!

    • Super_Deluxe

      It would’ve been useless if it didn’t have flash support. I only use it now for watching stuff online and connect it to my 65″ TV. With BB10 on the way (hopefully) this tablet will be one of the best available right now once again especially at its current low price and hardware quality.

    • Dimsumfum


    • George

      Ditching your playbook?!?. We have 3 in the house. I loved the first so much I bought one for by wife then bought a third as a back up…couldn’t pass it up at $150. I’m actually tempted to by a fourth before they’re gone forever. Just leave it in the box until one gets lost or breaks.

      More apps would be good.

  • Henry0623

    Yess bb<3

  • hunkyleepickle

    Awesome!….. said a whole dozen ppl. In all fairness, other than bb7, this tablet was better than all the android tablets out at the time…..

  • wildspin

    I wonder if they could make BBM work on the Playbook if this is true. They’ve said it won’t work on tablets at the beginning, right?

    • Carl Hall

      BBM was supposed to be stand alone on the playbook sometime still requires Blackberry Bridge

  • Mitchell Cooper

    Yeah right, they will probably come out with a BlackBerry 10 PlayBook, that you have to buy in order to get the 10 OS. Whole reason they rebranded from RIM to BlackBerry so they don’t have to stand behind their previous products.

    • Carl Hall

      Blackberry stands behind all their products, makes some of the most durable and robust on the market today

    • skullan

      By identifying themselves with their brand, they are telling people they are not going anywhere. At least, that’s my take on the scenario.

  • EvanKrosney

    Nice to see BlackBerry standing behind their products!

  • ZWebster

    I’d love to be able to run BB10 on the Playbook. It would give it a new life.

  • Bryan

    I plan to get one. Does anyone know if the 4G version is locked?

  • ROJ

    who knows… ‘d be good 4 the PlayBook, @ the same time I’m getin” back to BB9900 from my recent Q10. It’s a TOY

  • Robin Ashe

    Nice, I broke the screen on my PlayBook a few months ago and have just been waiting around for the BB10 update to decide if I’m going to get a Z10. Will be nice to play around with for a few weeks.

  • disqus_GDNwKiaprr

    Will it make playbook start/reboot faster than a laptop?

  • GimmeAnotherTacoWillYaPlease

    I sure hope so because I’m tired of waiting and tired of the cagey language BB seems to use. If the PB doesn’t get the update, I’m done with Blackberry and I won’t be moving up to the Z or Q. It’ll be Android or Nokia/Windows from now on.

    • Swadhin

      Same here

  • Mike_Stokes1

    Lies lies lies and more lies..this company is nothing but Bullcrap. What happened to Skype???? last year????? Netflix????? Liar liar liars. I will never buy any more of their crap again. I hope this company goes T!Ts up soon.

    • Brent Francis

      Been using Skype on my Q10 for several weeks now, works great.

    • Mike_Stokes1

      Same for you dumbas@. …PLAYBOOK

    • Palaniappan Rajaram

      What’s the problem with Netflix? I have that loaded on my BB Z10 and it has been working fine. I don’t remember if the app is by Netflix or a 3rd party but it looks and works the same as Netflix on the laptop.

    • Mike_Stokes1

      Read the headline. PLAYBOOK

  • pampalini

    I was really hoping for RIMs turn over and excited for new BB10, but now after few months, I can predict, BBRY is dead, they lost their last chance to reborn.

    Its a pitty, cos QNX is great OS, but with no apps it is useless. Please dont come up with android port apps. If there are no native apps, that means QNX dont matter to developers. And that means, they will be far from the customers.

    btw.. can anybody tell me why is Playbook so called, busines tablet ? lol.

  • michael

    They needed to shift 100 000 of these devices this past quarter so they lied basically.