Sony Music Unlimited adds offline playback, 320kbps tracks to iOS app

Sony has added offline playback and high-quality streaming to its Music Unlimited service for iPhone.

After updating the app to support the iPhone 5 last month, Sony has reached feature parity with its Android counterpart by adding offline playback, the ability to cache songs and albums for listening without an internet connection, and high-quality 320kbps music streaming to its iOS app.

The update will go live this week, based on Apple’s review period, but the company is promoting it by discounting Music Unlimted to $41.99/year for PlayStation Plus members, and $59.99 for those without a subscription. Both deals are significantly cheaper than paying $9.99/month, which is what the company normally charges, and compares favourably to other services available in Canada like Rdio, Slacker Radio Premium and Deezer.

The main issue with Music Unlimited is that Sony lacks the design prowess of Rdio, and it does not integrate with third-party services like Deezer. If you’re looking for a cheap-and-cheerful music streaming service, you can’t go wrong with Music Unlimited, though.

Download Sony Music Unlimited for iOS.

Via: SEN Blog

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